Transformation of business models: Circular economy accelerator kicks-off

GrowthAfrica, Africa’s leading business accelerator, kicks off a circular economy focused accelerator programme aimed at fostering critical alignments towards Circular Economy principles in business strategies for environmentally safe practices in entrepreneurship. The accelerator programme is supported by DOEN Foundation, Netherlands largest impact investor in sustainable and social startups.

The inaugural webinar held on 17th November 2021, had the pleasure of hosting circular economy experts from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia delivering crucial insights and tools to set the pace for the intense and transformative programme.


Meet the ventures in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia part of the Circular economy accelerator. These exceptional businesses will take part in a programme that will see them infuse circular economy models to improve resource performance and enhance their solutions to fight the volatility that climate change might bring to the continent.





Start tuned to the GrowthAfrica social media pages to follow in the journey to circularity as we work towards a world where businesses have designed and implemented effective steps towards incorporating sustainable strategies within their existing businesses and successfully transitioned from traditional to circular business models for a net-zero Africa.