The “one” simple key to business success

In business, it is the ‘ones’, that add up to deliver success. This concept means paying attention to every single element that makes up the business.

For instance, pay attention to that one customer, that one employee, that one product/service offered, that one component of the delivery channel, and all the other fundamental ‘ones’ that comprise the business. That approach ultimately results in an organization whereby the whole comprises of strong single elements.

Paying attention to every ‘one’ creates a synergistic effect on the organization as a whole. Therefore, develop systems, structures and processes that ensure attention is given to every ‘one’ element of the business. Consider these four examples of how ‘ones’ add up to deliver business success.

1. Pay attention to each customer

Every one of them has to feel valued. Customer intimacy for each and every customer has been used to great effect by companies such as Amazon and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Resorts, to attain very strong brand equity.

Paying attention to that one customer is an exponential source of competitive advantage. It enables you to extensively and continuously know your customer by attaining honest and varied feedback.

2. Pay attention to each employee

“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

John Maxwell

As a manager, take each one of your employees seriously by having their interests at heart. Be genuinely interested in the things that are dear to them.

Hold one-on-one conversations with employees from time to time, and engage them beyond work-related issues. A connection is thus created, which energizes an employee to put in the necessary effort even in difficult circumstances. Each one of them will, therefore, care for the company because the organization care for each one of them.

3. Pay attention to each product/service offering delivered to a customer

Each offering is a bundle of value that needs to effectively meet a need. It is that one offering that will determine if you get a second/consequent buy from the customer who consumed it. That one offering creates a satisfied or a disgruntled customer. Make every offering count by ensuring it meets the desired standards.

4. Pay attention to every component of the delivery channel

These channels act as the link through which a value proposition is delivered to the customer. A brilliant product delivered at the wrong time or in the wrong condition destroys your brand.

Flawless execution in delivery is the cherry on top of the cake. Augment the organization’s operational excellence by streamlining every component of the delivery channel.

In conclusion, it is critical to replicate this practice of paying attention to ‘ones’ across the entire organization. Make the ‘ones’ add up to success.


Kevin Thiong’o


Growth Catalyst

Kenya| Uganda | Ethiopia| Malawi

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