Teamwork is a sure bet to success.

The Founder of Space Turneky Solutions, Charles Quartey, and the General Manager Kwame Twum-Ampofo are great examples of how teams can work together to scale up a business.

In starting the design company in Ghana, Charles had the ambition to be in control of his projects, allowing him to utilise his expertise and creativity. Through his journey, he learnt fundamental skills necessary for any entrepreneur: hard work pays, patience, and time is vital — lessons he has carried with him over five years of business and continues to instil in his team.

When Kwame joined the business, he was privileged to work with Charles, who acted as his mentor. Growing up, he always knew he was destined for greatness. “I always knew I would do something big, but I did not know how. Destiny will always send you to places that you cannot imagine. I met Charles in 2020 and am privileged to be in this position as I have exposed myself to this different world and learnt the fundamentals of running a successful venture.” He spoke.

They both attended the 2021 GrowthAfrica Accelerator. For them, the experience was vital as they took time to sit down and think about what they do and how to make their business thrive in Ghana.

“The programme was very objective, which is something I loved about it. We had to think about our business situations making the whole experience challenging but in positive way. It was good to have the GrowthAfrica team present to guide us throughout the process.” Commented Charles on his experience.

As we continue rolling out GrowthAfrica Accelerator 2022, in the words of Charles to our 2022 cohort across the five African countries, remember to; “observe as much as you can, listen as much as you can and say yes to opportunities you would have been afraid of.”