Speaking of entrepreneurship

Connecting with peers and learning from experts and each other are key to how our ecosystems grow.

The EU-supported and EBN-led BIC Africa brought incubators and implementing organisations from Ethiopia, Somalia, Angola, Madagascar, and Comoros to Addis Ababa. Super exciting.

Learning together and connecting with African peers were spiced with the opportunity to hear reflections from some of Ethiopia’s leading entrepreneur supporters:

+ Country Projects in Angola, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Somalia.
Mercedes MARTÍN-NORTES (EU Delegation to Ethiopia)
Oliver Petzoldt (Sequa/BIC Ethiopia)
Murielle Lesales (EU Delegation to Madagascar)
Benoît Larielle (EU Delegation to Somalia)
Najib Abdi / Jamila MOHAMED (UNIDO/BIC Somalia)

+ Supporting the Ecosystem in Ethiopia
Biruk Yosef Zenebe YOSEF (GrowthAfrica – Ethiopia)
Hailemelekot T.berhan, CMSA® TEKESTEBERHAN (GIZ Ethiopia)
Raffaele Buompane (EBN – PSDE Ethiopia)
Mercedes MARIN-NORTES (EU Delegation to Ethiopia)
Moderated by Rubén Carrandi Cortina

+ Policies to support MSME creation
Addis Alemayehou (Kazana Group)
Bernard Laurendeau (ቤርናር – ベルナルド) (Laurendeau & Associates)
Lidya WOLDETINSAE (Yehageré)
Inkutatash Seid (Synergy Corp.)
Selamyhun ADEFRIS (MInT Ethiopia)

Great to listen to veteran entrepreneurs and ecosystem players along with GrowthAfrica’s expert, Biruk.

As a part of the sequa gGmbH led BIC Ethiopia consortium (fellow partners are iceaddis/icehawassa, Menschen Fur Menschenadelphi, and Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations), it is excellent to experience the coming together of partners – and to experience the network and growth of BIC Ethiopia and BIC Africa.

Yesterday our partner icehawassa officially launched, and another resource has been added to the growing ecosystem and development of entrepreneurship in Ethiopia. A huge congratulations.

Together and in collaboration, there is so much potential we can unlock.

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