Tackling projects : Introduction to principles of scrum and agile estimation

In partnership with the US company Solstice GrowthAfrica hosted a four and a half hours workshop on scrum fundamentals and agile estimation targeting technical leads and managers in Kenya’s leading tech startups. Solstice is a leading digital solutions company and it works with Fortune 500 companies to seize new opportunities through innovative digital solutions.


Solstice presenting the benefits of scrum and agile estimations.

The nine man strong Solstice team covered a strong and broad spectrum of developer roles across product consultants, mobile consultants, developers, UX consultant and designer. The big multidisciplinary team provided a strong experience based insight into theoretical and very practical perspectives on the application of scrum, agile and agile estimation. The session was centred on an introduction to key principles of scrum and agile estimation in the context of digital solutions development and then moving into the practical application of the same. The team touched on the differences and advantages of scrum and an agile approach compared to the traditional waterfall development process.

The calm, interactive forum provided plenty of space for dialogue and new inputs to the development processes, planning and teamwork. During the presentation, an engaged forum of 39 of Kenya’s leading tech entrepreneurs and lead developers were excited with the input and new insights.

Scrum is being used in Kenya for software development with collaboration between self -organized cross functional teams. It creates better methods for accountability to deliver results during software development phases. Through reducing roadblocks like underestimation and delayed feedback on the project execution with full transparency to your team. Among the participating ventures were; MaraMoja , SawaPay, Shop Soko , Umati Blockchain ,ONA , Brand2D , Mookh, Dopetei systems and Alternative Circle.

The Solstice team were in Kenya in connection with their annual Global Impact Project  which grants digital development support to two impact driven organisations. The team has previously worked with Eneza Education and Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO). This year Solstice is working with eLimu  and Amani Institute.


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