Mentor and build next generation of business success

Join as a mentor or advisor for some of the new and exciting technology and business start-ups that we facilitate and accelerate. As a mentor, you will be a vital resource for one or a group of entrepreneurs and start-ups helping them with guidance, advice and network.

Our mentors volunteer their experience, insights and network to help innovative and driven entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. With our facilitation you will be matched up with one or several entrepreneurs and based on your field of expertise and personal chemistry you will choose the entrepreneur(s) you wish to mentor.

We work with and seek a diverse group of mentors covering different backgrounds, industries and sectors and most importantly different areas of experience and expertise. Key is that you would love to help ambitious entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality and ultimately successful ventures. Our mentor program helps professionals apply their lifetime of business experience to assist startups launch successfully.

We operate with 3 different categories of mentors:

  • Startup experts – Serial entrepreneurs with experience in multiple startups
  • Industry experts – Individuals with a wealth of industry-specific experience
  • Knowledge experts – Mentors with experience in a business skill set (legal, accounting, finance, marketing, IT, operations, etc.)

Become a mentor and help grow innovative start-up companies.


You are just the right resource entrepreneurs are looking for if you have:

  • Commitment and passion for supporting start-ups
  • A strong sense of giving back
  • Willingness to share your experience and expertise
  • Openness and the ability to listen
  • A minimum of time and prioritization hereof
  • Expertise and experience relevant to a start-up

It is not a requirement that you a business person but you will need to have an understanding of business and business models.

Interested in joining our team of mentors and proactively contribute to the growth of East African start-ups? Feeling a sense of giving back and sharing your own experiences and insights that could valuable for the coming generation of entrepreneurs? If you feel strongly for supporting new ventures succeed, then you have come to the right place.

To ensure that we bring in the right matches to the entrepreneurs we work with  – and that we are able to meet your expectations as a potential mentor  – we ask you to briefly share with us:

  • your CV
  • link to your LinkedIn profile
  • interest and motivation for becoming a mentor with us
  • how you got to know about this opportunity

Please send the information to:
Sylvie Kinabo
Growth Catalyst

Upon receiving your information we will invite you for a meeting to get to know to each and further discuss your interest and the mentor program.

We are looking forward to hear from you and to working together.