Meet the entrepreneurs from the Pearl of Africa Savanna (Uganda)

GrowthAfrica’s Accelerator 2021 Ugandan cohort comprises of ventures ranging from Organic, Earth-Scented Skin Care to one reforming the ‘Matatu’ sector in Uganda by providing safe and clean rides.

These are the 8 top Ugandan entrepreneurs participating in our Africa’s leading accelerator Programme;

  • KaCyber Security Technologies Ltd is a technology service provider continuously developing innovations based on the ever-growing technological trends. They are at the forefront of Uganda’s smart transport and digital transformation. Our company’s principal operations span across electronic ticketing, mobile communication, mobile payments, and other online services. They supply and maintain systems and networks that enable businesses (such as Transport Operators, Logistics Operators, Tours and Travel agencies) to break through the digital barrier.
  • Marcopolo Import – Export LTD operates across the entire fish value chain and in the food & beverage industry, through its active ventures Uganda Fish Masters and Bwana Samaki. Further to that, Marcopolo has been delivering consulting services for several agribusiness and import/export players.
  • QUALITY INTERNATIONAL NURSERY & ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND DAYCARE CENTRE LIMITED is an inclusive school that nurtures curiosity, creativity, and global awareness through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum. Children learn to become resilient and respectful in an environment where each child is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as an individual.
  • Wella uganda Limited is focusing on processing of the fresh cassava tubers into High quality cassava flour, cassava chips in the short term and  starch in the medium and longer term.Formal Engagement with the national agricultural Organization on improved cassava variety and multiplication of stocks for the small holder farmers. Through engagement and technical guidance from NARO, the company has established 10-acre stock multiplication farm (On hired land), this will act as a demonstration as well as cassava stock supply centre for the farmers. They have contracted over 200 out growers’ farmers with at least one (1) acre of land with cassava, who are being served with the stocks from the company nucleus farm. The company is already buying cassava products (chips and cassava flour) from other processors for sale.
  • Kweli Organics swears by producing all-natural earth-scented organic skincare (as the name says) and the fact that every product in the line is produced in small batches for quality control. The product line currently stands at 9 products that include: the Quench body butter, Goodbye Lines stretchmark balm, 5 facial oils (depending on your skin type), The Fresh Spring micellar cleansing water (that doubles as a toner and cleanser) and the Minty Lippies lip balms.
  • Farm Reap Ltd is an agribusiness consultancy firm that gives special focus to farmers, SMEs and producer organizations. They process and distribute highly nutritive, quality yoghurt that is affordable in central Uganda. They also provide agribusiness management consultancy services working mainly with NGOs, Government and development organizations to support farming communities.
  • Gift Auto Spares and Accessories is spare parts and accessories of any categories at affordable prices thereby ensuring that you are safe on the road.
  • Global Trade Associates Ltd.

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