Meet the entrepreneurs from the land of Victoria Falls (Zambia)

Our 2021 Zambian Cohort spreads over an Investment Research Firm, and a Traditional Food Supplements company,

These are the 8 best Zambian entrepreneurs participating in our Africa’s leading Accelerator Programme;

  • Msekese Fisheries Limited is a supplier of quality fingerlings and aquaculture consulting.
  • DICHEM LTD supplies Limited offers Environmental Management consultancy and Supply of Laboratory equipment. Under environmental management consultancy the following services are offered: Environmental Project brief Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Management and Mitigation Plans and Reports and they handle Pre-treatment, treatment, and transportation of hazardous waste of which they hold a valid license. Other Environmental services include Environmental Baseline studies such as Water, Noise and Air Quality testing, Analysis, and reporting.
  • Kuleni-Supergold Limited is all about providing you with premium food and drink to help you create the fondest memories. From drinks for any occasion to extra virgin olive oil for tasty delicacies, Kuleni-Supergold has what you need.
  • Kuntepa Solutions-
  • The Briefcase Trader is an award-winning investment research firm that produces actionable commodity and equity insights. They believe that investor-grade information should not be esoteric and that if more people are to invest in the continent’s markets, the inaccessibility of information should not be a barrier.
  • Komboni Trading is a local beverage company specializing in traditional food supplements namely Munkoyo, and Chibwantu which are made from maize meal, maize grits and millet meal. Komboni Trading was a first mover in commercializing Munkoyo and Chibwantu, which is popular amongst blue collar workers and breast-feeding mothers.  For the later market, these drinks are believed to stimulate production of breast milk, hence cutting across income brackets and class.
  • Okavango Foods specialises in unique, custom-designed cakes, Outside Catering, and ready-made Pastry Products.
  • Kamono Farm Initiatives Limited is a dynamic company with a vision of changing the agribusiness landscape by offering the farmers a superior service.

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