Meet the entrepreneurs from the land of Cocoa (Ghana)

Our 2021 Ghana Cohort Stretches across ventures that is a 100% women-owned Ghanaian Coffee Company to one that provides tailor-made financial advice to individuals and entrepreneurs at every stage of their financial journey.

These are the 8 top Ghanaian entrepreneurs participating in our Africa’s leading Accelerator Programme;

  • Jumeni Technologies Limited is a software company based in Accra, Ghana. They provide an on-demand data driven technology platforms focusing on efficient, affordable and reliable transportation of goods across Africa working together with strategic partners. It was founded by a team of young pan-African entrepreneurs. The company has since grown from providing software solutions for the waste management industry into new verticals including logistics and fintech.
  • Kawa Moka Limited is 100% women owned Ghanaian Coffee Company that specializes in the production of artisan small batch roasted coffee. Their green beans are grown organically over 20 women small farm owners in Leklebi in the Afadjato South District of the Volta Region of Ghana. Since the 1930’s, the people of Leklebi have grown a Arabusta Hybrid Variety of Coffee (Coffea Canephora) in altitudes of above 2000 feet. They understand that behind every great cup of coffee, there is a careful planting, harvesting, roasting, and brewing process. Their passion is to share that expertise with you, to ensure you drink only the highest quality coffee every time.
  • PROFISH GHANA LIMITED provides support that will transform the fisheries sector leveraging on technology. It is currently running its flagship product Lojaanor. Lojaanor is a platform that creates market access for fish farmers and ensures that individuals and eateries can get healthy and wholesome fish at their convenience. Through Lojaanor, fish farmers can expand their production because they have a ready market for their harvest.
  • We Naturals Ghana Limited is one of Africa’s leading natural hair brands providing solutions for all hair needs with affordable quality handmade natural products. The products are carefully formulated for natural hair (kinky, curly, coily), but also work for transitioning and relaxed hair.
  • Yabo’s Services is a Food Truck Company serving quality Ghanaian food at affordable prices.
  • Space Turnkey Solutions is a Ghanaian-owned design and build firm founded in 2016 that provides turn-key solutions across West Africa. They specialize in medium to large scale construction projects ranging from hotels, restaurants, private residences, corporate office buildings and more. They have built a reputation over the past five years for a meticulous attention to detail that never sacrifices quality.
  • Wopecar is a business franchise owned by BIS Digimedia Limited and a fully comprehensive online platform connecting car rental businesses & individuals (interested in renting out a car) to potential clients looking to rent a car for personal & business reasons. They partner rental businesses today by subscribing on their online space provided by agreeing to the Wop3car terms and They offer a wide range of services covering an end-to-end customer experience allowing clients to book directly online for their choice of cars available, self-drive possibilities as well as booking with a driver service.
  • ShaQ Express offers swift pickup and delivery services across Ghana. They ensure safety and convenience. They operate an App with guarantee of safe and on-time delivery.

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