Meet the entrepreneurs from the birthplace of coffee (Ethiopia)

Our 2021 Ethiopia Cohort members range from ventures providing school communities with educational support to an independent consulting firm of architects and engineers.

These are the top 10 Ethiopian entrepreneurs participating in our Africa’s leading Accelerator Programme;

  • Arc printing and advertising plc is a company established in October 2011. It provides a professional, innovative and customized digital print advertising & Interior decoration solutions.
  • Bludot Service PLC is a Grade-1 independent firm of consulting architects & engineers with a tradition in the design and management of a wide range of architectural & civil engineering projects in both private and public sectors.
  • Falcon Academy plc
  • Grean World Energy Technologies PLC is a company established in Ethiopia and engaged in the renewable energy sectors of the country. The company manufactures and distributes ethanol and Mirt stoves (improved cook stoves), distributes ethanol fuels, promotes solar products, gives consultation services related with renewable energy technologies, stimulates demands driven environment with the other stakeholder to increase the penetration rate of the renewable energy products and many more.
  • Kedame Gebeya Int Ecommerce Service PLC
  • Linu Manufacturing PLC
  • Macafel
  • ONCO Pathology Diagnostic Center
  • Precision Image Computer & Related Equipment Import provide an environmentally friendly choice for your printing and toner needs. Whether you are a business, college dorm, hospital or community group, you can make a big difference by letting them help you set up a cost cutting way of your printer consumables in Ethiopia. They provide ink and toners at low cost in Ethiopia. They use high quality materials and opt in new technology. They sell Hp, canon, Samsung, Brother, Kyocera original printer ink toner cartridges as well.
  • Selam Teklehaimanot
  • Aim View General Educational Consultancy and Support provides service for Students, Parents, School Leader, Teachers and other school communities providers which need our services with highly skilled, experienced, qualified and internationally certified professionals for creating a robust environment where every learner experiences success and has an opportunity to realize their potential.
  • Marelwork ICT and Business PLC is a consultancy company that endeavors to fill the gap that today’s organizations have in aligning business with IT. In the process organizations will be enabled to achieve their goals through application of digital innovation, creating IT enabled business values, attaining vibrant human capital and building long-term organizational image. Our company offers training and research services along with the process of consultancy.

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