Meet the entrepreneurs from Silicon Savanna (Kenya)

GrowthAfrica’s 2021 Kenyan cohort spans across an Extended Reality (XR) agency to Fashion ventures.

These are the 20 top Kenyan entrepreneurs participating in our leading Accelerator Programme;

  • myPrimePay is a mobile technology company that specializes in building value-adding digital products. They identify gaps in existing businesses then build solutions that enhance customer experience, streamline processes, and improve operations. They inspire product discovery and fuel innovation for traditional businesses through their messaging platforms that run on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS, as featured on their website on
  • OPERO Services Ltd is a Kenyan based engineering and business development firm that specializes in practical, effective, and sustainable solutions to issues of human and solid waste management. They use innovative thinking, technical expertise, and an in-depth knowledge of local markets to address waste management issues in East Africa, bringing years of experience from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia and more.
  • Mtawali Holdings are dealers in farm produce including poultry, beef, mutton, vegetables, and their core product which is processed pre-cut raw potato products i.e.  chips/fries, Lyonnaise/bhajia, potatoes wedges and whole peeled potatoes for Delis, Hotels and Restaurants at an affordable price.
  • Insurance for All (IFA) is a unique and affordable micro insurance financing product that combines insurance, loans and saving benefits. Their main insurance products cover Health, Accident, Property, Life and Pension Covers. The company has launched its first product –afyaPoa- which provides In and Outpatient benefits as well as funeral and hospital cash for the whole family. Their main focus is delivering relevant and affordable insurance products.
  • Wea International Incorporated Ltd is a leading distributor of quality plumbing and electrical materials and other supplies. They deliver products and services conforming to international standards and satisfying the requirements and the expectations of their customers with respect to quality, cost, performance, safety, and reliability. They have developed an App that makes distribution and general logistic seamless and efficient.
  • Mamba Steel Mills manufactures construction nails, wire rods and binding wire in the demand rich area of the Mount Kenya region.
  • Sibasi Ltd is an ICT services and solutions company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with a global delivery team. They provide Business Intelligence & Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation, Business Process Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Cloud migration, Web and Mobile Development and other business related areas. They are a certified Microsoft Partner company.
  • Merican, a company that specialises in tailor made stainless-steel fabrication and commercial food and beverage equipment solutions. Their strength lies in execution of turnkey projects across all segments of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, Lodges, catering ventures, clubs and bars, staff canteens/cafeterias, institutional kitchens, school kitchens, hospital kitchens, factories and food processing companies and supermarkets.​
  • Polygon Logistics Limited is a company offering a comprehensive range of logistical solutions for organizations and individuals in Kenya, with a scope of extending the same globally. These include clearing, forwarding of both import and export shipments, as well as air charter flight services and airline representation.
  • Black Rhino Virtual Reality Ltd is an award-winning Kenyan based Extended Reality (XR) Agency located in Nairobi. They specialise in creating bespoke Virtual & Augmented Reality content and solutions that are adaptable and relevant to the African market with a global appeal, and connect consumers, businesses and organizations to rich, immersive experiences.
  • Jbeejura Designz Home_254 Apparel sells nostalgia, comfort and pride through quality, Kenyan made products, all bundled up like a care package from family. All clothing is manufactured right here in Kenya. They feel passionate about providing high quality apparel that you can wash and wear repeatedly.
  • Naivera Holdings (Counter1-Serve) is a Fintech company headquartered in Nairobi Kenya. They unlock capital in African market by connecting lenders (corporate & individuals) to borrowers, and empowering mezzanine lenders towards digital deliver. They innovate for financial inclusion in Africa by providing digital lending Solutions with models that improve individuals and SME finance in the context of weak credit market infrastructure, to maximize wealth creation and sustainable economic growth.
  • KOFAR is a SOIL CONDITIONING COMPANY that provides an organic compost that conditions, rectifies and repairs soils, increasing production of quality food per unit area for both small- and large-scale farmers who have either misused or over-used their soils. The aim is to promote sustainable livelihoods and food security through the inputs that reverse the damage done by industrial fertilisers.
  • Genteel is a bespoke menswear label that combines experience selling & E-Commerce creating a hi-breed model Bespoke suits, shirts, pants, shorts, and blazers all laced with a subtle inclusion of bold & patterned prints to give the pieces some personality and identity. They make ready to wear shirts, khakis, dress pants and soon getting into shorts, dress shirts, boxers, T-shirts etc. The Genteel brand helps African men re-identify with their rich cultural heritage through the clothes they wear, achieve a delicate balance between our fore-fathers’ flamboyant dress and new age conservatism.
  • Taste Afrique Co Limited is a Food Seasoning Manufacturing company whose flagship brand is Chibundiro. Chibundiro comes in three flavours: hot, mild and without chillies, catering for everyone’s taste buds. The spices can we found in all major retail outlets including supermarkets.
  • KodiPay is an online platform and an android app where Online Lease creation Management, Rent payment & receipting via Mpesa, Keep track of your repairs and maintenance work on your property all smart Kodi. Their subscription model is flexible to cater for every client depending on the users who would wish not to have them facilitate their payments but still use the system.

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