Meet Malawi’s 11 top businesses joining the Growth Accelerator

Officially launched in May 2018, Growth Accelerator is the first of its kind in Malawi. It is a programme being implemented by Malawi’s mHub in collaboration with GrowthAfrica and funded by UNDP Malawi and Norwegian Embassy in Malawi. Thereafter in July 2018, a call to applications campaign was launched. It was characterised by information sessions in 8 districts across Malawi. The applications period ran through to November after which we received over 200 applications. Of this, 20 semi-finalists selected to battle it out through pitching and we finally selected 11 finalist ventures who are going to go through this programme. We are proud top present them to you

GrowthAfrica and Mhub

The 11 finalists during the first boot camp held in January 2019

APEX Medical Laboratories
APEX provides quality and timely laboratory tests (chemistry, hematology, parasitological, immunological, hormonal), catering for both prevention and diagnosis of infections and diseases. APEX uses eco-friendly medical equipment to help reduce healthcare waste and environmental pollution.
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Thanthwe Farms
Thanthwe Farms an innovative and inclusive agribusiness, specializing in and growing high value vegetables and fruits for supermarkets, individuals and hotels. The venture also trains and incubates aspiring farmers and agriculture students, including the youth and women.
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Kombeza Foods
Founded in January 2018 by Mdingase Chirwa, Kombeza Foods is a food/dairy processing business providing nutritious and affordable dairy products to residents of Malawi. Kombeza vows to combat issues of gender imbalance, climate change and corruption by educating local farmers in these crosscutting issues.

Wijays provides locally produced soaps and detergents made with Malawi grown herbs. Wijays recruit’s farmers to grow priority crops and herbs and purchases harvested crops at agreed prices., specifically from women, hence empowering them economically.

Honey Products Industries
Honey Products Industries is social enterprise that engages the youth to create a value chain out of organic honey by promoting sustainable bee keeping and offering markets for honey, therefore creating social, economic and environmental impacts.

Pamudzi Property Investments
Pamudzi Property Investments is a company that produces construction machinery, mainly used for the production of cement blocks. Cement blocks play a positive impact in the fight against climate change.

Environmental Industries
Goodfellow Phiri is the Founder and Director of Environmental Industries. Environmental Industries is an enterprise that produces and sells Bionitrate Fertilizer, made from well harvested and processed human urine. By providing affordable bionitrate fertilizer, Environmental Industries is providing right to food for residents in Malawi.

Infinity Energy Solutions
Infinity Energy Solutionswas founded by Marumbo Kalua and Aaron Kalua in January 2018 to address the Energy crisis in Malawi. Infinity Energy Solutions produces smokeless, odourless briquettes from recycled charcoal dust called Nguyi Charcoal Briquettes. By recycling waste charcoal dust, the project is reducing pressure on the natural forest cover.

Chonona Aquaculture Limited
Chonona Aquaculture Limited was founded by Tione Kaonga and Abudala Napuru. This is an eco-inclusive business that was established to improve nutrition through production and marketing of farmed fish. Chonona plans to promote sustainable use of water and land through planting of fruit trees and recycling of waste through integrated aquaculture agriculture.

Tehilah Enterprise
Tehilah Enterprise, founded by Jean Pankuku, is a privately owned business that focuses on value addition and processing of locally grown horticultural crops and legumes, including Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP), combating nutrient deficiency.

Truss Group
Truss Group, formerly known as the Truss-Ndirande Recycling Centre, provides a low-cost, comprehensive solid waste management service to residents of underserved, low-income urban townships, and converts plastic waste into paver blocks. The Truss Group is a social enterprise founded in 2017 by Sachi Shah and Johannes Maree.

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