What we offer

Vetted and investment ready African ventures. A proven acceleration methodology
delivered by experienced business people, successful entrepreneurs and innovators

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    Access to vetted startups

    Thorough and effective programme outreach identifies hidden talents and still ensures only the most potential startups make it through

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    Thorough due diligence

    Integral to our selection process and programmes are serious background checks and validation procedures

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    Diligent reporting

    A structured follow-up process provides regular updates and progress reports leveraging our state of the art data collection system

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    Proven programming

    Results show the success of our in-house developed curriculum, methodology, process and programming

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    Business networking

    Connecting startups with the expertise and resources they need to grow, fostering strategic partnerships needed to succeed

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    Leadership coaching

    Continuously building our entrepreneurs' ability to lead their startups to success; conscious and mindful entrepreneurs make better decisions

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    Professional mentoring

    Matching entrepreneurs with a selected group of experienced professionals - from top executives over successful entrepreneurs to investment mavens

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    Continuous support

    Ongoing dialogue and follow-up with focused individualised assistance; ensuring that the startups' trajectory is maintained

Why startups join us

Experience and professional programmes designed and delivered to their context.
Our ability to connect startups with the growth resources they need.

I highly recommend GrowthAfrica's Acceleration Programme as an opportunity to evaluate the direction your venture is taking and identify the most effective strategies and models to steer it towards the right destination.

Nurhassen Mensur Co-founder, YenePay

The GrowthAfrica team provided hands-on support and worked with us through our business and strategy whilst connecting us with investors when the time was right and our business was ready.

Cathrine Mahugu Co-founder, Soko

GrowthAfrica is a friend and supporter of entrepreneurs and startups.They are passionate about making a difference and seeing the businesses they work with grow and succeed.

Henry M. Ambwere Founder & CEO, MolaPlus

Through our engagement we have gained a thorough understanding of our business model as well as the context within which it operated. I commend the team for their strong committed effort and passion.

Stefano Carcoforo Founder & Managing Director, iProcure

GrowthAfrica was the diest and still
remains the most engaging and empowering
startup growth experience Kytabu has had
since our inception. Till today, we are
still leaning on GrowthAfrica for our
growth hacking strategies and market

Tonee Ndungu Co-Founder & CEO, Kytabu

The level of seasoning that GrowthAfrica
alumni goes through prepares them
thoroughly for investor engagement.
Investors will be spoilt for choice with
all the great deals and businesses

Kariuki Gathitu Co-Founder, Zegetech

GrowthAfrica provides in person and as
a company the opportunity to revamp and
build up structures and methodologies of
which you and the company grow and reap

Dave Oketch Managing Director, Sare millers

Latest ventures

Meet the exiciting new ventures that recently have joined our programs.
They are now members of our ever growing family and network of entrepreneurs.

The GrowthAfrica team enabled us to discover
our business potential, provided insight
on marketing strategies, defining marketing
channels as well as mechanism of converting
potential customers to actual sales.

Wachira Kariuki Founder & CEO, Classic Foods

Impact delivered

We work with commercial startups that makes a difference


Startups assisted

Ventures accelerated by our
programmes and advisory input


Money raised

Investments, loans and grants
facilitated for our clients


Jobs created

People hired into formalised jobs
by the businesses we work with

How we grow startups

Focused and targeted programming designed and delivered in Africa. We link
and facilitate the resources needed by our startups to grow to success

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    Business planning

    Tools and ability to understand, plan and analyze all aspects of the startup

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    Industry and peer network

    Facilitated connections to the people and resources needed to grow and scale

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    Learning and sparring with experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders

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    Investor access

    Develop investability and facilitate informed dialogue with investors

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    Financial modelling

    Build a financial understanding and model for the business and its drivers

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    Leadership coaching

    Enhancing the leadership required to successfully steer and grow the startup

Investment partners

Join our network of local and international investment partners. We provide
a pipeline of vetted, accelerated and investment ready African startups

"Having invested in startups from GrowthAfrica's cohorts it is safe to say that these businesses set themselves apart by being more ready and better prepared for the process than others. This cuts cost and effort on our end and makes GrowthAfrica a valuable partner."


Niraj Varia Investment Director, Novastar Ventures

"Few organisations have as aligned missions as Acumen and GrowthAfrica, and that makes our partnership a breeze and valuable. We are proud to work with GrowthAfrica on taking entrepreneurial leadership in Africa to the next level."

Duncan Onyango, Director - East Africa, Acumen Fund

Duncan Onyango Director - East Africa, Acumen Fund

"At Voxtra we work with numerous partners to ensure a quality pipeline of new investees, but GrowthAfrica stands out both in terms of volume and quality for us. The vetting, training and diligence process makes a world of a difference for our success."


Anders Aabo Investment Manager, Voxtra

"We appreciate the diversity of the GrowthAfrica entrepreneurs as it brings a much needed variety of sectors and business models to the VC4A platform and ecosystem; their startups' also raise the bar and the quality of businesses on our platform."


Ben White Founder, VC4A

What to expect as an investment partner

We offer you a diligently vetted pipeline of exciting and investment ready East African impact startups. Through our well-crafted selection process, acceleration programme and embedded mentors and experts we provide a validation equivalent to an introductory due diligence.

Whereas there may be many African entrepreneurs the number of great startups are significantly less – and the best ones are typically not making headlines in the newspaper or on social media. It takes continuous infield work and a focused network to spot the winners.

Let's talk

How can we work together? How can we jointly develop more successful African startups which
create jobs and economic progress - while delivering impactful and financial returns to investors?

Andrew Gwadiva Investor Relations Lead Skype: agwadiva agw@growthafrica.com

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