Investor readiness

Niraj Varia


Embarking on the quest to allure investors demands a harmonious fusion of entrepreneurial finesse and being primed for investor engagement. It’s not just a journey; it’s a captivating dance where the entrepreneur’s prowess entwines seamlessly with the investor’s readiness.

Niraj Varia, a serial entrepreneur and investor, takes us through the golden secrets of building investor-magnet enterprises.

Attracting the right investors to your enterprise needs the right muscle and capacity for investor readiness. Investors are always picky about which entrepreneur to invest in, the type of enterprise, the returns expected, the growth capability of the enterprise, and the overall attitude of the enterprise in relation to the market value, trend, and adaptability.

According to Niraj, for an entrepreneur to meet an investor’s threshold mark, they need to possess various high-quality traits such as:
Can you prove your availability at any time of the day when called by the investor or clients?

✅Right talent
Do you have the right talent and skilled people in your team?

✅Resource acquisition
Are you able to attract the right resources through your enterprise?

✅Right partnerships
Having the right partners places your enterprise on a higher pedestal to attract the right investors who may want to work with you and push your vision and goals a notch higher.

Are you able to exemplify your hard work to the investor?