Investor insights

Anne Lawi: Investor insights


Investors play a crucial role as the architects of opportunities. Sculpting the very bedrock of progress, growth, and innovation within the expansive landscape of possibilities. When embarking on the journey to secure funding for your enterprise, strategic planning, effective communication, and the cultivation of robust relationships with potential investors emerge as indispensable pillars of success. These elements not only enhance credibility but also significantly bolster the likelihood of securing investment. These investor insights serve as guiding lights, illuminating the path towards financial backing and sustainable growth.

Anne Lawi, the esteemed Managing Director at Impacc, shares her remarkable trajectory from five years of invaluable experience with GrowthAfrica to her current stature as a prominent investor. With her guidance, entrepreneurs are navigated through a myriad of funding opportunities available at Impacc, spanning across the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems of Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Impacc, operating as a non-profit organisation, extends its unwavering support to founders in the base-of-pyramid markets of Sub-Saharan Africa. Recognising their latent potential for greatness, albeit often hindered by resource constraints, Impacc endeavors to uplift and empower these visionary entrepreneurs.

At the core of investor relations lies the fundamental principles of open communication and transparency. Companies that consistently update their investors on progress, challenges, and future plans are well-positioned. They attract and retain sustainable investment. This transparency fosters trust and confidence among investors, contributing to long-term partnerships and growth. Impacc fosters trust and accountability to encourage a symbiotic relationship between entrepreneurs and investors, catalyzing collective prosperity and growth.