Navigating the tech sector through a lens of investment wisdom

Endre Skolt

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology, the pursuit of successful investment strategies demands more than just financial acumen. It requires astute insight and a strategic approach.

Endre Skolt, the seasoned Investor and Founder of Change Com AS, brings 25 years of experience to the table, sharing profound insights on navigating the complexities of the tech ecosystem.

Change Com AS, under Skolt’s guidance, focuses its investments on key areas such as the mobile industry, fintech, machine learning, software as a service, e-commerce, and data processing. In an exclusive interview, Skolt provides valuable insights for both investors and entrepreneurs, shedding light on the intricacies of the tech investment landscape.

“It’s crucial to have a market entry strategy. Achieving this requires conducting thorough due diligence. To establish a solid business model, one needs to mitigate the common pitfalls in their operational environment,” Skolt points out.

Understanding and adapting to different cultural and regulatory environments is highlighted as crucial in international investments. Skolt suggests that adequate research of local knowledge serves as a valuable compass for successfully navigating unforeseen complexities.

“For investors eyeing startups, key factors for consideration include an experienced team, a solid accessible market, and a practical business model. Long-term thinking and understanding the investment strategy of the target company, considering both successes and failures, are paramount,” he adds.

Skolt also underscores the pivotal role of technology in staying informed about global economic trends. He emphasizes its positive impact in reducing the gap between developed and developing countries.

Key lessons & insights for entrepreneurs:

Based on his experience, Skolt’s wisdom extends to entrepreneurs seeking investment, emphasizing the importance of an experienced and competent team.

Some additional tips include;

✅Investors are attracted to startups led by individuals with relevant experience, skills, and confidence.
✅Customer validation: startups demonstrating a product-market fit and gaining customers are more attractive to investors. A long-term vision and the ability to innovate and pivot when necessary are traits that investors highly value.
✅Entrepreneurs need to ensure that they correctly price their startup, analyse financial requirements for growth, and demonstrate overall financial sustainability for its viability.

This interview serves as a roadmap for both investors and entrepreneurs in the dynamic tech sector. It emphasizes the importance of aligning with investor priorities, demonstrating resilience, and showcasing a visionary approach to navigate the intricate pathways of securing funding and safely investing in the ever-changing landscape of technology.