Investment readiness

Although funding is not the main obstacle to success, capital is necessary to grow a business exponentially. But not all capital is appropriate, and having the right financial partners is often the difference between mediocracy and extraordinary success.

GrowthAfrica works with scores of investors – institutional and individuals; private and public – and we have been a part of the ecosystem for decades, which provides us with unique insights into how these investors think and make decisions. It also provides us with a profound understanding of which investors are right for you, when, and which are not – as well as how to structure your investments at various stages of your growth.

GrowthAfrica has created an environment that promotes continuous learning for entrepreneurs and is a great partner and mentor to our business in areas such as fund raising and sourcing for talent.

 Ernest Makhotsi, Founder of Wayo 

But more importantly, we get you in the room with them, so you can begin the relationship building in earnest. Not unlike a marriage, the courting, engagement and cohabitation process of the investor-entrepreneur relationship is delicate and involves many steps that often seem unnecessarily long, illogical and wearisome.

GrowthAfrica acts in an intercessory capacity as our interests are aligned with you and the investor in equal measure; our objective is to create a win-win-win scenario.

The programme equips you to communicate effectively with any investor, and to understand their language and reality. This involves lots of practice and confidence-building; but we also aid you in building visual tools such as investor pitch decks and presentations that inspire awe.