How to win in an investor pitch

If you are raising money for your business, you need a winning pitch. What’s a winning pitch? How do I prepare for it? What are the do’s and don’ts? These are primarily questions that anyone looking to pitch their business would ask. Our entrepreneurs recently had an opportunity to receive expert pitch training from Steinar Hoel Korsmo – President and CEO of Seed Forum Global. Pay close attention to what I am about to write next because it will not only inform you but also equip you for your next pitching session. The highlights picked from the session are:

What’s to know about the investor you are about to meet
Investor mindset – Before listening to your pitch, the investor is already thinking about the following:

  • How to reduce risk
  • Investment readiness of the entrepreneur
  • Healthy deal flow

Investors are number crushers
Ensure you effectively communicate the numbers and demonstrate the return to your business and potential return to them.

How to prepare for a winning pitch

  • Prepare an attractive pitch deck – Be specific with your title. For instance, instead of using the word “business model”, be more specific and title it as, “subscription model” when explaining how you make money.
  • Trigger points – Don’t leave out trigger points since they are used to keep the audience engaged and excited. For instance, using numbers.
  • Communicate your exit strategy – Investors need to understand how they will get their money back.
  • Highlight value drivers – Clearly illustrate how investors should put money in your company.
  • The team is key – Highlight the qualifications, strengths, experience and achievements within your team. Investors invest in the team too – not just the business.
  • Proof of concept – Investors are more interested in commercial proof of concept, more than a technological proof of concept.
  • Present persuasively – Incorporate enthusiasm and energy. Remember nobody understands your business better than you.
  • Body language: Maintain eye contact, put your hands on the podium or along your body, don’t move too much and practice good breathing habits.
  • Think about the investor’s mindset – Align your motivation with that of the investors
  • Keeping the attention of the audience is of utmost importance

Remember, it takes time to raise funding. This is a continuous activity. What learnings do you have to share with us from your pitching experience?

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