How startups in Africa can leverage digital marketing

This year’s Social Media Week in Nairobi, Kenya generated cutting edge conversations that revolved around SMEs and startups leveraging digital marketing. Vastly experienced and knowledgeable local and international industry leads and experts came together to discuss the trends in digital marketing, the evolving customer experience and journey. With customers today being more demanding and more impatient, business owners need to find a way to remain relevant amidst the “noise”

A panel of experienced digital marketing experts from South Africa and Nigeria

With the ever-growing need to implement technology in marketing, digital marketing is one such field that has evolved over time. Social Media has quickly gained its footing and today, companies are heavily investing in it as a drive for brand awareness and to generate sales. We took the time to compile highlights provided during the social media week that could help business owners to improve their approach to digital marketing to increase their Return on Investment.

1. Digital marketing today is characterised by:
Targeted messaging instead of static banners which is what we have seen in the past
Social selling – involves forming business relationships via social media
Vlogging – the use of video content not only on YouTube but across social media
Celebrity endorsements and social media influencers to push a brand.

2.Before adopting new marketing technology, business owners should ensure that:
They outline the objectives and purposes of adopting new technology
Their team understands how to use this new technology before introducing it to the external stakeholders
They understand their customers purchasing trends and if they are providing a relevant solution to them
Research, collect and analyse data that will help you drive a sustainable decision

3.Today, customers are more demanding and more impatient. They expect instantaneous and relevant experience with a brand. It is therefore the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that the customer chooses them every time amongst the competitors. The product you are offering must offer great value to your niche market. “Don’t be seen, be chosen,” stated Geoffrey form Google

4.To ensure that your customer’s experience is topnotch, consider the following key aspects
Know your customers by learning about their interests and preferences. It is also key to define whom you are targeting
Come up with relevant and appealing content for your customers
Provide instant solutions to your customers’ current needs
Provide feedback to enhance trust between you and your customer
Embrace analytics since the data you collect will enable you to draw meaningful conclusions on the performance of your campaign

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