How LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is transforming B2B transactions globally

Contrary to popular belief that Africa is a “slow” continent, Turn Left Media is changing the narrative by acting as a bridge between businesses in Africa and key global decision makers. Not many of us are aware of the power of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which moves from the traditional perception that LinkedIn is a job recruitment platform only. We spoke to Marius Greeff, Co-founder of Turn Left Media who possesses over 10 years’ experience working with LinkedIn.

Who is Turn Left Media?
Having been in existence for 2 years now, South Africa’s Turn Left Media are LinkedIn Marketing Solutions official partners in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their goal is mainly to help brands connect to their customers irrespective of their geographical location. They are responsible for educating African businesses about using LinkedIn to influence decision making globally. Turn left Media provides entrepreneurs access to B2B insights, and best practices, that guide businesses in connecting with the clients, and engaging customised in conversations across the sales funnel that enhance, rather than disrupt, the conversations.

Why are you passionate about working with LinkedIn?
Marius believes that there is a massive information transfer gap between businesses, professionals and high net worth individuals in Africa. Their business is focused on driving these critical conversations. LinkedIn, being a network comprised of professionals, blends in perfectly with their objective.

The biggest misconception is that Africa lags behind its global competitors. This is false because Africa managed to leapfrog the fix line internet business and as a continent we moved to mobile more efficiently.

What is your favourite thing about working with LinkedIn?
He loves the ability to have a focused, concise and coherent conversation around B2B. Marius mentioned that he has worked with the LinkedIn brand for the last 10+ plus and he feels it’s a vastly under-utilised platform.

Little known LinkedIn feature
There is also a misconception that LinkedIn is focused to big brands only. Turn Left Media seeks to understand how big and unique the client’s potential audience is then they begin scaling the business to their needs. “We undervalue its potential for organic presence on LinkedIn, Marius stated. “Start engaging conversations on topics that are surfacing on your timeline among key decision makers – this will drive growth and organic traction,” he added. With the introduction of LinkedIn’s sponsored content feature in 2013, business can customise their audience and create appealing ads that will drive the required call to action.

Future of LinkedIn
Marius highlighted that LinkedIn is valuable for Africa since we are focused on developing economic opportunity. He encouraged African businesses to start using the platform more actively and organically.