GrowthAfrica’s October 2019 round up


At the beginning of the month, GrowthAfrica had a four-day boot camp where we had our entrepreneurs take everything they have learned over the last 6 months and start applying it into their individual Businesses. We had the entrepreneurs analyze their businesses and find out any and all problems that they face. After identifying the issues, it was then time to see how they can improve on those issues and apply solutions.

To make sure that the entrepreneurs cover all bases we also had a vast array of experts from differing fields come into the boot camp, listen to our entrepreneurs, and provide them with possible solutions that could be used to improve the individual businesses of the entrepreneurs.

Some of these guest speakers include Rose Gichure, the HR manager at Cellulant, Jay Chadusama, CFO of M-Kopa, Abubar Ali, CFO of Gulf Power, Asif Noorani of Fanisi Capital and many others.

This boot camp marked the end of the first phase and beginning of the next phase in the programme where we will start having the entrepreneurs start the implementation process and help them create momentum in line with their ambition to scale and access external capital.

Here we have three of our entrepreneurs alongside our programme support lead Sylvie Richard Kinabo.


For the first time, the Social Enterprise World Forum was held in a developing economy and GrowthAfrica was present and active at the event which was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We were glad to be in attendance and to take part in conversations around the global social enterprise movement, share our experiences and build networks.

Two of our accelerator programme cohorts from Ethiopia, Fili Coffee and Wawi had exhibition booths at the forum where people were free to visit their booths and learn more about their amazing products.  and furthermore, Ms. Birikiti from Whizkids, part of our Ethiopia cohort was a panelist during one of the sessions.

The Wawi booth at the 2019 SEWF conference.


GrowthAfrica closed the month of in truly spectacular fashion as we had our annual team week. We had all our members from all the countries we operate in join us at our headquarters in Nairobi. The purpose of this event was to introduce all our employees to each other as well as orient our new hires so they could have a better idea of what their roles in the organisation are.

On top of a great way to socialise our employees and get them acquainted with each other, the team week was also done in order to take everyone through the company structure and have the different departments communicate with each other to get a better understanding of each department’s role in the organisation and how we as an organisation can improve and promote inter-departmental cooperation.

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