GrowthAfrica’s August 2019 round up


On the 14th of August, we had an amazing workshop with our guest speaker, the talented and highly knowledgeable Rose Gichure from Cellulant who took our cohorts through the processes and practices of recruitment. She made it very clear just how important finding the right hire is as well as the consequences incurred from not following proper protocol when recruiting someone.

Speaker Rose Gichure visits us

Some of the gems of wisdom Rose gave us include:

  • Never pick an employee based on qualifications alone
  • Consider if you can afford the person you are hiring
  • Make sure the person’s motivations and values align with your company’s


The 8th of August was when we had our Financial Management Masterclass. we had a well-curated session with  Asif Noorani of Fanisi Capital Ltd. He gave insights into proper financial management strategies and money-saving tips and advice to our class of entrepreneurs.

Asif Noorani talking to the attending entrepreneurs

Some of the financial advice given to us goes as follows:

  • Putting money away in an account that is not easily accessible to avoid needless spending
  • Always allocate money to your companies R&D department to allow for constant innovation and improvements
  • In order to stop overspending wait one week before you buy anything to see if you can live without it


GrowthAfrica Cohorts Ephrem Bekele Woldeyesus, Founder of Erk Mead Media and Nahil Mosisa, founder of Elelan Leather participating in our Gap lab event in Ethiopia. The Gap lab focused on competitive and external landscaping, understanding product/service delivery in relation to competition and changes in the external environment – PESTEL & competitive SWOT analysis.

Ephrem Bekele Woldeyesus(Left) and Nahil Mosisa (Right)



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