Angel Fair Africa working with GrowthAfrica on preparing entrepreneurs

The fourth Angel Fair Africa training for entrepreneurs held at GrowthAfrica on November 8, 2016.

The fourth Angel Fair Africa training for entrepreneurs held at GrowthAfrica on November 8, 2016.

On November 8 2016, GrowthAfrica hosted the pitch training for entrepreneurs of 20 startups and scaleups, who will then meet investors at the fourth Angel Fair Africa (AfA) event to be held in Nairobi from November 10th to 11th, 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi.

During the training, entrepreneurs from the startups and scaleups were divided into groups of five, where they would each do a four-minutes pitch to the group and an external advisor drawn from the investment and startup ecosystem. The pitched were to be done without any visual aids, hence focusing on articulation and body language.

The Co-Founder of AfA, Mr. Eric Osiakwan shared with the entrepreneurs to not just focus on the funding opportunities at the Angel Fair, but also on the future relationship with investors.

Ms. Lydia Ndiho from the Next Gen Angels provided her advise on other areas of their presentations and investors interactions that the scaleups and startups should consider.

For example, she advised them to: use talk about the value of the product during the pitch tomorrow and its unique selling point.

Stephen Gugu introduced entrepreneurs to the different types of financing, such as venture capital, private equity and Initial Public Offers (IPOs).

The entrepreneurs shared their different expectations to the fourth AfA, such as funding, advice on how to run their startups and scaleups, and tapping into investors’ broader networks.

The scaleups who attended the training were Akello Banker, Bidha Sasa, Duma Works, Echo Mobile, FarmDrive, InukaPap, Ongair, Poketi, Popote Payments and Soko Watch . The startups were: AfyaPoa, 3BL Enterprises, ConnectedMed, Izy Shop, Kasha, Medicals Africa, Odysseys Capital, Ma3Route, TIME Tickets and Yakako.

The attending entrepreneur partners and advisors for the pitch training were: GrowthAfrica, Angel Africa List, Intellecap, Next Gen Angels, Seed Stars World, and Villgro Kenya.

During the fourth AfA event, the 20 entrepreneurs from the scaleups and startups pitched before 43 selected Kenyan and international investors to culminate in a number of financial deals.

Last year’s event resulted in USD 20.3 million worth of deals and there are higher expectations for this year’s event.



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