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Introduction to GrowthAfrica – the background, impact, activities and how GrowthAfrica supports entrepreneurs and partners in Uganda.

GrowthAfrica in Uganda leads as a top accelerator programme based in Kampala,  for Startups and Enterprises that provides business support, strategic advice, and investor readiness.

The accelerator programme provides an intensive business growth support programme with business resources such as strategic advice on pivoting in areas such as capital in Uganda, finance, funding in Uganda, marketing in Uganda, driving sales, making a profit and investment readiness.

The Pan-African programme provides founders with opportunities to scale, and grow their business by  networking with various experts regionally in Africa, and globally; connecting them with a business network of mentors, experts, and investors who can accelerate their business and provide business capital.

GrowthAfrica goes beyond being a Startup support programme, or providing capital for Startups and Enterprises. We are dedicated to growing Africa through the growth of impacting ventures and businesses delivering sustainable jobs and economic progress across Africa.

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GrowthAfrica Accelerator in Uganda

Introduction to GrowthAfrica’s activities in Uganda– the background, impact, activities and how entrepreneurs in Uganda can be a part of the Accelerator programme.

GrowthAfrica in Uganda operations launched in 2019; bringing together its entrepreneurs, founders of small and growing businesses, government officials, capital providers, investors and leading business leaders.

To date, GrowthAfrica has successfully conducted 19 programmes, accelerated 199 unique businesses, with a total of 368 individual entrepreneurs have gone through the programme in all the countries it operates from.

The programme provides acceleration activities, strategic advice, and investment readiness.

GrowthAfrica, a growth partner for Ugandan SMEs

GrowthAfrica has been in the enterprise development space for 19 years. Focusing on sector agnostic companies has allowed us to have a wealth of knowledge and insights with the biggest impact being on agribusiness companies in Uganda.

The team in Kampala is well equipped to run the acceleration programme. We always ensure that the activities we deliver are relevant to the local context in Kenya.

As we continue to grow and expand our resources to serve more Ugandan entrepreneurs, the valuable lessons we gather are a great resource in enabling the entrepreneurs grow regionally and continentally

Accelerator programme history Business cohorts accelerated in Uganda since 20XX
Ventures accelerated Ugandan businesses who have completed the programme
Number of entrepreneurs Individual entrepreneurs who have gone through the programme in Uganda
Female entrepreneurs Ugandan female entrepreneurs whose businesses have been accelerated

Illustrating impact in Uganda

World class business acceleration delivered and anchored in Uganda

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Mentors and speakers


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Industries covered

0 Entrepreneurs
48 Male
23 Female

GrowthAfrica Accelerator activities in Uganda

In Venture Support

In Venture support is a key part of the programme. Venture visits are organised at specific times to check in on the Ethiopian ventures, conduct veri diligence and offer support.


The Visioning bootcamp introduces entrepreneurs to the programme by guiding them to build their long-medium and short term vision. The Actioning bootcamp guides the entrepreneurs in creating a concrete implementation action plan.

Gap Labs

During the first 6 months of the programme, the entrepreneurs go through a series of 5 gap labs that guide them through analysing specific aspects of their business.

Stories of Ugandan Ventures

Meet the entrepreneurs from the Pearl of Africa Savanna (Uganda)

GrowthAfrica’s Accelerator 2021 Ugandan cohort comprises of ventures ranging from Organic, Earth-Scented Skin Care to one reforming the ‘Matatu’ sector in Uganda by providing safe and clean rides.

These are the 8 top Ugandan entrepreneurs participating in our Africa’s leading accelerator Programme;

The East Africa Private Equity & Venture Capital Association expands to the pearl of Africa

The Association decided that it was time to expand its physical presence to other parts of the region as clearly laid out in its Strategic Plan. In implementing EAVCA’s growth and expansion strategy, Uganda was a priority for several reasons. Primarily, in 2018, EAVCA was able to host the Doing Deals in Uganda Seminar, the first EAVCA stand-alone event hosted on-ground in Kampala. From the event, it was evident to EAVCA that there was an interest in investing in Uganda and equipping investors with the necessary tools to understand the landscape.

Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka’s Gorilla Conservation Coffee expands to new markets

In 2017, we had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Founder, Gorilla Conservation Coffee. She was going through the GrowthAfrica Accelerator programme in Uganda and we were inspired by how she had collaborated with farmers in Bwindi to train them on how to grow and process quality coffee while protecting the mountain gorillas that dwell in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest.

Our ventures & entrepreneurs

Meet the entrepreneurs and ventures we have worked with.
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The GrowthAfrica team has been "a shoulder to lean on" through my entrepreneurial journey.
I learnt a lot in the customer journey and today I know how to segment every customer coming through our doors.

Betty Bukirwa Co-founder, St. Eliza Healthcare Services

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