GrowthAfrica in Malawi

Introduction to GrowthAfrica – the background, impact, activities and how GrowthAfrica supports entrepreneurs and partners in Malawi.

GrowthAfrica in Malawi launched in May 2018, with the ‘Growth Accelerator‘, the first of its kind.

It is a programme being implemented by Malawi’s mHub in collaboration with GrowthAfrica and funded by UNDP Malawi and Norwegian Embassy in Malawi.

Growth Accelerator is a 12-month business acceleration programme that supports early-stage innovative and impactful entrepreneurs with investment, technical assistance and mentorship.

Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the growth and development of any economy. For that reason, Growth Accelerator has positioned itself as a catalyst for the rapid and strategic growth of Malawian businesses by offering professional support to local ventures.

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About GrowthAfrica

GrowthAfrica in Malawi

Introduction to GrowthAfrica’s activities in Malawi– the background, impact, activities and how entrepreneurs in Malawi can be a part of the Accelerator programme.

GrowthAfrica in Uganda operations launched in 2018; bringing together its entrepreneurs, founders of small and growing businesses, government officials, capital providers, investors and leading business leaders.

To date, GrowthAfrica has successfully conducted 19 programmes, accelerated 199 unique businesses, with a total of 368 individual entrepreneurs have gone through the programme in all the countries it operates from.

The programme provides ambitious entrepreneurs with access to knowledge, exposure, thought-provoking events, managerial and practical tools, networking, and structured experience-sharing with their peers and facilitate investor connections through their investment readiness acceleration programme.

GrowthAfrica, a growth partner for Malawi SMEs

GrowthAfrica in Malawi entrepreneurs work to integrate low-income, marginalised individuals in their value chain.

They aspire to not only grow their business but elevate the living standards of their community.

They champion progress at the lower levels and work to promote human rights, gender equality; anti-corruption and sustainable climate change.

Accelerator programme history Business cohorts accelerated in Kenya since 2016
Ventures accelerated Malawian businesses who have completed the programme
Number of entrepreneurs Individual entrepreneurs who have gone through the programme in Malawi
Female entrepreneurs Malawian female entrepreneurs whose businesses have been accelerated

Illustrating impact in Malawi

World-class business acceleration delivered and anchored in Malawi

Ventures per country


Mentors and speakers


Applications received


Investors in database


Industries covered

0 Entrepreneurs
27 Male
12 Female

GrowthAfrica accelerator activities in Malawi

In venture support

In Venture support is a key part of the programme. Venture visits are organised at specific times to check in on the GrowthAfrica in Malawi ventures, conduct veri diligence and offer support.


The Visioning bootcamp introduces entrepreneurs to the programme by guiding them to build their long-medium and short term vision. The Actioning bootcamp guides the entrepreneurs in creating a concrete implementation action plan.

Gap labs

During the first 6 months of the programme, the entrepreneurs go through a series of 5 gap labs that guide them through analysing specific aspects of their business.

Stories of Malawian ventures

Growth Accelerator : the highs of 2020

Amidst the fear and uncertainty of the year 2020 there were some highs we can celebrate. Growth Accelerator is a business acceleration programme that supports with post-revenue high impact businesses to grow and scale. The programme provides access to co-financing facility of up to USD40,000, mentorship and technical assistance.

Nurturing the next-generation digital businesses and industries

The Public-Private Partnership Commission has partnered with GrowthAfrica, a leading business growth partner in Africa and mandated by The Government of Malawi to manage Digital Malawi programmes through a World Bank loan facility extending finance.

Nutrition for Malawi: Sun Pitch Network competition

We are excited to announce the first-ever edition of the SUN Pitch Competition in Malawi titled ‘Rethinking nutrition innovations,’ by the SUN Business Network (SBN) in collaboration with the World Food Programme, United Nations Office for Project Services, and GrowthAfrica.

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