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Introduction to GrowthAfrica – the background, impact, activities and how GrowthAfrica supports entrepreneurs and works with partners in Ghana.

GrowthAfrica accelerator in Ghana is a top accelerator programme offering growth stage ventures strategic advice, business development, leadership acumen and investment readiness support.

GrowthAfrica in Ghana with offices based in Accra promotes job creation and income generation by providing an intensive business support programme that offers necessary growth resources.

The PanAfrican programme provides founders with opportunities to scale and grow their business by networking with various experts in Africa and globally, connecting them with a network of mentors, experts, and investors who are resourceful in their business acceleration and access to capital.

GrowthAfrica goes beyond being a venture support programme, we are dedicated to growth through impacting ventures and businesses, delivering sustainable jobs and economic progress across Africa.

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About GrowthAfrica

GrowthAfrica in Ghana

GrowthAfrica's entry into Ghana for strategic entrepreneurship support

In 2019, Africa’s premier business growth partner, GrowthAfrica, expanded into West Africa by launching into Accra, Ghana. Its 6th African region running in-country business acceleration activities.

The launch into Ghana was marked by an open call for applications to the GrowthAfrica Accelerator programme which brings together ambitious and committed entrepreneurs from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zambia, and Ghana.

The programme presented a first-time opportunity for growth stage, post-revenue entrepreneurs in Ghana to access resources and support necessary to scale.

GrowthAfrica, a growth partner for Ghanaian SMEs

GrowthAfrica has been in the enterprise development space from 2012 and the sector agnostic programme allows for the sharing of a wealth of knowledge and insights from West Africa.

Our team based in Accra, is powered and ready to equip entrepreneurs joining the acceleration programme with intensive activities that raise global solutions suited to the local context.

We believe in the power of Ghana's entrepreneurs and we continue to grow and expand our resources to serve more entrepreneurs; sharing valuable lessons we gather as a great resource.

Accelerator programme history Business cohorts accelerated in Ghana since 2019
Ventures accelerated Ghanaian businesses who have completed the programme
Number of entrepreneurs Individual entrepreneurs who have gone through the programme in Ghana
Female entrepreneurs Ghanaian female entrepreneurs whose businesses have been accelerated

Illustrating impact in Ghana

World class business acceleration delivered and anchored in Ghana

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GrowthAfrica Accelerator activities in Ghana

In Venture Support

In Venture support is a key part of the programme. Venture visits are organised at specific times to check in on the Ghanaian ventures, conduct veri-diligence and offer support.


The Visioning bootcamp introduces entrepreneurs to the programme by guiding them to build their long-medium and short term vision. The Actioning bootcamp guides the entrepreneurs in creating a concrete implementation action plan.

Gap Labs

During the first 6 months of the programme, the entrepreneurs go through a series of 5 gap labs that guide them through analysing specific aspects of their business.

Stories from GrowthAfrica in Ghana

Hatua Tech: actioning excellence in the African tech landscape

As a true son of the Pan-African spirit of entrepreneurship, Nehemiah Attigah founded Hatua Tech officially in 2011, having acquired a substantial amount of work experience in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and The Gambia.

Inspired by the Swahili language and the East African technology landscape, Nehemiah chose a name for his business that would always keep him accountable: Hatua, which means “Action” or “Steps.”

Bringing world-class healthcare to Africa, one product at a time

Isabella “Naana” Asante spent over 25 years working as a nurse in New York where she understood best practices in healthcare.

As a Ghanaian living in the United States, she had a desire to bring back the knowledge she spent years acquiring and as early as 2005, the wheels of innovation were turning and she had had an idea of creating a homecare agency for Ghana’s aging population and patients with chronic illnesses that would need specialised care.


#HappyMoments from sharing a hot cup of African tea with Charles Quartey and Kwame Twum-Ampofo, MGIOC, M.Sc, B.Sc from SPACE Turnkey Solutions Ghana. A venture part of the #GrowthAfricaAccelerator 2021 cohort.

Space Turnkey Solutions is a Ghanaian-owned design and build firm that combines its modern aesthetic to Ghana’s unique identity and climate as featured on their website on

Ghana ventures & entrepreneurs

Meet the entrepreneurs and ventures we have worked with in Ghana.
Get to know the resourceful network of Ghanaian alumni that you could join.

Through the programme Asoriba was able to understand the importance of market segmentation and targeted marketing, look at the 80/20 rule of identifying which 20% of customers are bringing in 80% of the business.

Saviour Kwaku Dzage Founder, Asoriba

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