GrowthAfrica’s April 2019 round up

Google Impact Challenge workshop
On the 5th of April, we had the 1st Google impact challenge workshop where we hosted the winners of the GIC 2018. We took the entrepreneurs through the processes of thinking about their customers and marketing. To further drive this we had three speakers Alfred Wise Director of strategy at Living Goods, Claire Baker who leases fundraising, partnerships and communications at LivelyHoods and Robert Karanja CEO of Villgro Kenya.

Some crucial learnings were shared by the speakers

The entrepreneurs were encouraged to;

  1. Think about the beneficiary of the product
  2. Document failures to avoid making the same mistake
  3. Test the market
  4. Understand the motivation
  5. Relentlessly prioritise

Claire Baker of LivelyHoods addressing Google impact challenge winners


Kombeza foods win SMEDI
Kombeza Foods one of our ventures in the Growth Accelerator Malawi cohort was awarded the best SME 2018 by small and medium enterprise development institute (SMEDI).

Kombeza foods awarded best SME of the year 2018


Venture visits Malawi
On 2nd April 2019, a Norwegian delegation comprising officials from Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), The Royal Norwegian Embassy and Ministry of Trade and Industry visited Thanthwe Farms – a participating venture in the 2019 cohort of the Growth Accelerator Malawi programme. This visit was part of a series of visits in Malawi whereby they were interacting with various development programmes that they support.

The visit was hosted by Thanthwe Farms co-founder – Ngabaghila Chatata – in conjunction with UNDP Malawi GrowthAfrica and MHub Thanthwe Farms invited some of the outgrower farmers that the farm works with to increase their livelihoods by offering them a more competitive market for their fresh produce which is processed and packaged into various offerings including hibiscus tea and selected fresh vegetable products.

Thanthwe farms visit by Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), The Royal Norwegian Embassy and Ministry of Trade and Industry


Growth Accelerator Malawi Programme – Gap Lab 3
The 3rd accelerator workshops aim was to challenge the ventures into analysing the different value steps along their current value chains (upstream and downstream). Then they were further challenged to re-visualize what their ideal value chain would look like and start thinking about what they could do differently to bridge the gaps between the current and the ideal.

Analysing the value chains of our entrepreneurs


Malawi seed policy prototyping practitioner kick off lab
GrowthAfrica was invited to attend the Malawi seed policy prototyping practitioner Kick-Off Lab which is an ecosystem outreach event whereby the aim is to explore policy challenges facing eco-inclusive small and growing enterprises and collaborate with other players in working towards creating prototype solutions.

Highlights from the event:

1.Improving financial institution and smallholder farmers buy-in to agriculture insurance for climate-resilient agriculture, hosted by Micro Insure

2. Formalising and building capacities of co-operatives for climate-resilient markets, hosted by Malawi Confederation of Co-operatives (MAFECO)

3.Extending access to markets and affordable financing for off-grid solar lighting, hosted by Community Energy Malawi

4.Building markets for community-driven, closed-loop waste management from collection to upcycling, hosted by ICCM Malawi

Discussing policies challenging small and growing enterprises


International bring your kids to work day
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. GrowthAfrica family taking a break to have play time with family and the little ones, over Jenga, chess, building lego structures and practising Muay Thai. With the older children, we built vision boards designed to set them off on a personal development journey and sharing food is our final favourite sport.

GrowthAfrica kids having the time of their lives

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