Geographical presence

Building the strongest entrepreneurs and growth platform across Africa.

GrowthAfrica aspires to support high potential entrepreneurs across the continent. This involves supporting entrepreneurs’ in their home countries with the right local and anchored support – as well with the networks and platform for when they are ready to expand geographically.

From our headquarter in the innovation hub of Nairobi we kicked off our geographical expansion strategy in 2016. It was high time to take on the growth recipe we prescribe to the entrepreneurs we work with.

We are building lean local teams equipped to run our activities and programmes in-country. They are supported by the resources and larger team in Nairobi. It is key to our success that we deliver activities which are locally anchored and rightly contextualised.

We will continue to grow geographically to serve more entreprenueurs. In the process we are gathering valuable lessons which will help our entrepreneurs when they are ready to grow regionally or continentally.

GrowthAfrica on the map

Where we are now - and how we got there.

Africa map

In 2016 after 4 years of continuously developing and refining the core GrowthAfrica acceleration programme it was time to move from a traditional single location setup to a multi-location organisation. A first step to ultimately build a pan-African organisation and platform.

Country expansion timeline:

  • Uganda – 2016: Running the GrowthAfrica acceleration programme
  • Ethiopia -2016: Running the GrowthAfrica acceleration programme
  • Zambia – 2017: Running the GrowthAfrica acceleration programme
  • Malawi – 2018: Designed and implementing Growth Accelerator Malawi
  • Ghana – 2019: Running the GrowthAfrica acceleration programme

We offer presence - and collaboration

An invitation to collaborate on current and future destinations.

We offer an ambitious platform and network for partners interested in supporting impactful African entrepreneurs addressing the key issues of the continent.

Our local offices and teams are ready to engage on opportunities and with partners whether local or international. We offer the local insights, network and expertise to design and deliver activities for entrepreneurs.

We are always open to a dialogue on countries where we can help our partners and clients. So please reach out to talk about which countries we could add value to you in.