Beyond grant financing

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Start date: 17.12.2020
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Join us at the next ecosystem event to be hosted on #online on the theme: Beyond #Grant Financing.

The theme will speak to sustainable growth strategies for businesses looking to secure grant financing for business growth.

The event will provide an interactive chat with entrepreneurs on the myths, common pitfalls, and growth strategies associated with grant financing.

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Joining us to the conservation are our speakers:

Budding entrepreneur Dingi Chirwa, founder of Kombeza Foods is a guest speaker at Growth Accelerator’s ecosystem event themed: “Beyond Grant Financing”.Since Kombeza Foods joined Growth Accelerator in 2019; it has increased its supply chain to over 500+ low-income dairy farmers. The company is well on its way to completing its two-story factory and pursuing non-grant and commercial support to grow to the next level.


Victor Chambayika Mhango an Entrepreneur and experienced Programme Development and Management Specialist with 15 years of work experience with local and international non-governmental organizations in Malawi. He is the founder of Ziweto Enterprises Limited and Honey Products Limited, two businesses that have successfully secured grant financing from institutions such as the Malawi Innovation Challenge Fund (MICF) and Growth Accelerator. He will be sharing with us insights on how to better position ourselves and our business for grant financing.


Head of Exploration at UNDP Malawi – Wasili Mfungwe will be speaking at the Beyond Grant Financing ecosystem event hosted by Growth Accelerator. The event will explore sustainable ways to grow your business using grant financing.


Andrew Gwadiva – Head of Investor Relations at GrowthAfrica. His experience spurs across Africa’s top-performing pension schemes, banking, insurance, and investment firms. He has also worked as a VC and Partnerships Lead with Shaper Impact Capital; and Investment and Portfolio Manager at Chandaria Group of companies. Andrew brings vast experience of working in Africa with various financing instruments that help grow businesses in different African countries. He will be drawing lessons from funding instruments deployed by venture capitalists as well as grants from NGOs to share common pitfalls for young businesses seeking grant financing.