Business continuity in the wake of COVID-19

Location: Microsoft Teams
Start date: 06.04.2020
End date: 06.04.2020
It was wonderful hosting alumni entrepreneurs from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi part of the GrowthAfrica Accelerator for an exclusive round table webinar hosted by GrowthAfrica’s CEO Johnni Kjelsgaard Executive Director and co-founder Patricia Jumi, and Chief of Staff, Peter Osogo who shared insights and explored solutions around business continuity during this pandemic.
Some interesting insights that came out during the session were:
1. Leverage on partnerships to reach your customers. Which networks and 3rd part sites can you reach customers through?
2. Develop additional streams of income or product lines that fit the season. Can you adapt your product or service for continuity?
3. Have a clear picture of how your cash flow is at the moment and plan around that.
The greatest output from the webinar was seeing businesses from different African countries share resources and tips of how they are adapting new ideas during this season.
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