ASSEK, Mowgli Mentoring Power of Mentoring Workshop

Location: GrowthAfrica
Start date: 23.01.2020
End date: 23.01.2020
Price: Free

The association of the startup and SME enablers of Kenya (ASSEK) started off the year in full gear as it held its first ecosystem event with the goal of supporting the development and growth of startups and SMEs.

Assek partnered with GrowthAfrica and Mowgli Mentoring to hold a Workshop on Mentorship in Africa and how having mentors allows for the development of a mentee’s personal skills and knowledge and thus turning them into more capable entrepreneurs.

Some of the points that were discussed in the Workshop include:
1. Creating clear boundaries in a mentor/mentee relationship.
2. Setting mentorship agreements to protect both parties.
3. The importance of monitoring the impact of the relationship on both parties.

In what ways do you think having mentors can benefit entrepreneurs in Africa?