GAzelle Forum 2019

Location: Dusit D2, Nairobi
Start date: 07.11.2019
End date: 07.11.2019
Price: Free

Characterised by curated pitches, feedback sessions and round table discussions dubbed conversation starter, the GAzelle Forum was a unique ecosystem event. The entrepreneur round-table discussions proved to be the highlight of the day with overall feedback that we not only maintain this but also ensure there is additional time for the sessions in the future.

The curated sessions also included a story board gallery exhibition of the entrepreneurs’ ventures providing an excellent platform for discussion about our ventures across the four countries among guests. To this end, the GAzelle Forum kicked off conversations that have continued post forum igniting the community building task of forming a diverse network of GrowthAfrica’s fraternity. We are actively following up and monitoring how many of the conversations started, will continue, and ultimately materialise into real-life benefits.