Finding your leadership pulse

Location: Kwenu Juice and Salad bar
Start date: 09.05.2019
End date: 09.05.2019
Application deadline: 08.05.2019
Price: Free

Are you the founder or co-founder of a business that has been in operation for at least two years? Is your business achieving incremental annual turnover? Are you working towards scaling your business for growth and impact? This event is curated for you.


  1. Learn how to align your personal purpose with your business purpose
  2. Steps to the successful execution of a strategy
  3. How to create strategic partnerships that are a WIN-WIN
  4. Practical guidelines on how to overcome mental blocks to achieve your business goals

This is a masterclass targeted at and especially valuable for business leaders and founders of small and growing businesses from all sectors.

This will be a fire-side chat session facilitated by a guest speaker to provide in-depth insights and valuable knowledge on how leadership can be used to drive growth and success. After the session, you will get an opportunity to ask questions to the guest speaker and network.

Dr. Barbara Ofwono – founder of Victorious Education Services
Dr. Barbara Ofwono is the Founder, CEO, Director and Principal of Victorious Education Services Ltd (VES). She is a passionate entrepreneur whose dedication and commitment in the education sector has seen Victorious Education Services receive numerous awards for its transformational impact in the lives of children.

Named among most influential women in Uganda, Dr. Barbara has managed against all odds to build one of the biggest and best schools in Kampala, Uganda from one campus to five campuses. Her desire is to transform the education system from being knowledge based into a skilled work force. “Whatever you do, give it all your heart. – Dr. Barbara”.
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Maxime Dieudonne – Co -founder, Safe Boda
Maxime has been working and living in East Africa for more than 5 years. He is the co-founder and co-CEO of SafeBoda. Before starting SafeBoda, he worked in Operations with One Acre Fund, a leading social enterprise. He co-founded the Fair Street project in South America and spent 3 years working in Mergers and Acquisitions with Deloitte in Brussels.

Motorcycle taxis (boda boda) are immensely popular and serve as the lifeblood of many cities in Africa, but they are extremely unsafe and disorganized. SafeBoda is a community of professional, equipped, trained motorcycle taxis drivers, offering a safer experience to passengers. Safeboda offers an innovative solution to thousands of motorcycle taxis in the continent.
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What can I bring into the event?

A notebook, pen or tablet

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

For further inquiries contact or call +256 775 831 806