Become investment ready

Location: GrowthAfrica
Start date: 26.05.2015
End date: 26.05.2015
Application deadline: 08.05.2015
Price: Free

Most entrepreneurs seek to raise investment to scale their businesses. This process can be tiresome if one does not know types of investments, where and how to access investment from. Other times, entrepreneurs lack clear understanding of what investors look for when seeking for an investment deal. We help you become investment ready.

GrowthAfrica hosts Ted Levinson, Senior Director of Lending at RSF Social Finance  in San Francisco for a half day workshop on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at GrowthAfrica´s office to address issues around becoming investment readiness. See Ted’s profile.

In the first 2-hours session, Ted will guide entrepreneurs on challenges entrepreneurs face around:
1.    Whether one should raise equity or borrow?
2.    Which companies use debt and why?
3.    How do lenders approach a prospective transaction vs. equity investors?
4.    What are the variables in a loan and which ones matter most?
5.    What financial ratios do lenders focus on?
6.    How do you find and evaluate potential lenders?

The second 2-hours session will be a working session to help entrepreneurs produce an investment memo, a key tool for seeking support for your work. Ted will share a template for an investment memo and step you through how to create one for your enterprise that you can share with confidence to a potential investor.  This session will be very interactive thus all participants/ companies are requested to carry along a laptop computer.