Ethiopia entrepreneur support ecosystem

Ethiopia’s entrepreneurship landscape is rapidly evolving. We are thrilled to share the “Ethiopian Entrepreneur Support Organisations Mapping and Insights ” report (2022/23)”. The report developed by GrowthAfrica as part of the European Union co-funded BIC ETHIOPIA profiles and assesses the state of the ecosystem and reflects on its growth conditions and opportunities.

Ethiopian ESO ecosystem mapping report

Key insights:

  • Ethiopia’s entrepreneurial sector has seen remarkable growth over the last decade, spurred by both government initiatives and private sector involvement.
  • The report maps out 125 support organisations and programs, building on insights from over 60 contributors.
  • Despite positive strides, challenges like limited startup culture, mentorship gaps, and funding shortages persist, underscoring the need for targeted support and resources.

Why it matters:

Understanding the ecosystem’s current state is crucial for fostering economic and societal progress. Addressing challenges and leveraging opportunities can accelerate Ethiopia’s journey towards becoming a key hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Key areas to advance the Ethiopian ecosystem:

  1. Build and strengthen an organised and collaborative ecosystem
  2. Increase funding to ESOs to build their capacity and resources
  3. Develop a countrywide ecosystem for inclusive growth and support
  4. Increase the pool of experienced and skilled entrepreneur facilitators
  5. Implement ecosystem-supportive and conducive policies

Collaboration is (always) key:

The report emphasises the importance of ecosystem-wide collaboration, government engagement, and effective resource development.

Let us work together to strengthen the ecosystem, providing the right tools and support to unlock Ethiopia’s entrepreneurial potential.

Read the full report here: Ethiopian ESO ecosystem mapping report and dive into detailed analyses, discover untapped opportunities, and explore ways to contribute to this dynamic ecosystem.

Big thanks:
The report is part of the EU funded BIC Ethiopia, a consortium led by sequa gGmbH with the partners GrowthAfrica, Menschen Fur MenschenadelphiAddis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations and icehawassa.