Growing our network through continuous engagement

GrowthAfrica is always eager to engage with ambitious, high potential and high-impact ventures through our entrepreneur-focused opportunities. Aside from running our business Acceleration Programme, we continuously work with external partners on projects and programmes which we believe could be a right fit for your venture. To connect you to these opportunities, we encourage you to fill in your name, email and interest in the “Stay updated with our newsletters” section at the bottom of this page

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We target entrepreneurs in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Zambia and up to date, we have successfully accelerated 19 cohorts in total. At the core of our programme is enabling the ventures we accelerate create sustainable employment. To date, we have created more than 30,000 jobs.

Through our Acceleration Programme, entrepreneurs receive support in; growth strategy, business development, investment readiness, peer-to-peer learning, leadership, mentorship and networking opportunities. Click here to view some of our accelerated ventures. Would you like to be part of our next programme in 2020? Drop us an email on

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In the spirit of building lasting relationships with you, we organise and host industry-specific events throughout the year that would be of great benefit towards your business journey. To receive our event schedule and attend, please subscribe to our newsletter below. If you are purely interested in a meeting or quick chat please write to us on