Peer and industry network

Fellowshipping with like-minded entrepreneurs whatever the circumstance builds perspective and confidence, and frees creative energies.

So it is only natural that a significant part of the learning process in the GrowthAfrica Accelerator is centred around peer learning – from fellow entrepreneurs in the cohort, from alumni and the networks we have built across a multitude of specialists, sectors and industries.

Our workshops are built around unleashing the combined talents of the cohort, which merged with the skillful facilitation and the tools and methodology the GrowthAfrica team has perfected over a decade, leads to in-depth analysis of your business and creates solutions to obstacles faced. By learning and borrowing from your fellow entrepreneurs your strategies are sharpened and your business model iterated to flawlessness. You and your colleagues will during the workshops also take turns being the devil’s advocate; attempting to punch holes in your strategies and overall business model, and test its viability and longevity – allowing everyone to preempt and rectify any shortcomings there might be in your businesses. A painful but very valuable exercise.

GrowthAfrica is a friend and supporter of entrepreneurs and startups. They are passionate about making a difference and seeing the businesses they work with grow and succeed.

 Henry M. Ambwere, Founder & CEO of MolaPlus

The spirit of fellowship is also extended to the interaction you will have with knowledgeable individuals and potential strategic partners in your specific value chain. Over the years, GrowthAfrica has built up leverage allowing us to access the people and organisations that may propel you onto a more success prone trajectory.

Across value chains we have a network of industry specialists and experts whom we can mobilise and draw on for our entrepreneurs. Adding to this is our network of alumni.