You are on your own growth journey, but that does not mean that you are on your own. We connect you to experienced and networked mentors ready to inject their expertise and resourcefulness providing guidance to your journey.

GrowthAfrica is known for attracting the most exciting upcoming enterprises and the most ambitious and energetic entrepreneurs; it’s therefore no surprise that many top executives, successful entrepreneurs and seasoned investment professionals volunteer their time, expertise and experience to our entrepreneurs.

GrowthAfrica helped us redefine our value proposition, and this has greatly improved our interaction with our customers and consequently our sales. We were equipped with the tools necessary to keep track of our business progress from there make the right business decisions.

 Robert Kariuki, Founder of Essentia Khan

Our Growth Mentors are typically c-suite executives in larger businesses with decades of experience, successful entrepreneurs who have reached maturity, and senior investment professionals with numerous deals under their belt and extensive boardroom experience; and they are committed to spending significant time with you throughout the programme guiding you in your business development.

Friendships and partnerships are often forged in this process, and many of our mentors have become trusted advisors, board members, chair(wo)men and investors in our ventures.

While the mentors follow you throughout the programme and aid you in pushing the overall development of your business, our sages offer their expertise and experience in much more concentrated doses and more narrowly: they are typically leaders and specialists in a particular business area, e.g. marketing, supply chain management, sales organisation, or financial management. Their knowledge and insights are complementary to all other aspects of the programme, and the interaction with them, as with the mentors, is coordinated by your assigned Growth Catalyst.