Learning design

We have developed a powerful and exciting learning tool and resource focusing on the specifics areas that are important for your startup to develop and grow.

The ValueCompass™ is GrowthAfrica’s key methodology, curriculum and tool in respect to both our work with startups, scaleups and more mature businesses. This concept is a living organism with constant refinement and new exercises, resources, perspectives and case studies are added continuously. It is an aggregation of the knowledge and insights gathered by the GrowthAfrica team and its principals over the past two decades working with over 1,700 businesses in Africa.

Its aim will however remain constant: to be a resource for entrepreneurs in their effort to better understand their business and the reality they operate in; to aid in the identification and diagnostics of problems, challenges and obstacles to growth, scale and wider success; and to be a framework and tool in crafting solutions and strategies to key aspects of their business, whilst never losing sight of the bigger picture – the deeper purpose of existing as a business. The ValueCompass™ can be used as an iterative tool to refine and improve business models for even well established businesses.

The ValueCompass™ is build on sound pedagogical principles and cutting-edge learning methodologies, and is both practical and action-oriented. It can be used by an individual entrepreneur, a small or big team, in a mentor setting, and even for effective communication with investors and shareholders.

GrowthAfrica is currently developing aspects of the ValueCompass™ that will allow it to be used more proactively in experience sharing between entrepreneurs and any of their stakeholders. Future components also include an “app-ification” of certain aspects of the tool, and online components linking up directly with the “offline” curriculum (boot camps, workshops, peer-sessions).