Understanding your business like the back of your pocket is not enough; you must know the numbers – it’s the easiest way to inspire confidence internally and externally; and it’s the most effective way to test how your decisions may affect your business’ success.

During the programme, GrowthAfrica’s Financial Modellers in partnership with your assigned Growth Catalyst will build your financial model and train you and your team on how to utilize this model to test scenarios – how changes in the external environment affects your business; or how new strategies and pivots in your business model will affect your finances.

GrowthAfrica made our transition into understanding investor requirements painless and enjoyable. They guided us on how to sculpt our business and scale it in the green disruptive innovations space with a clear lens on how to make it profitable. Tony Nyagah, Co-Founder & MD at Strauss Energy

Such a model and these exercises not only instill confidence internally, but also makes communication with your investors a lot easier; it shortens the route to decisions (in your favour) substantially.

A founder and CEO of any business must know her/his numbers by heart – leaving it to your accountant is not only risky, but also robs you of deep insights into your own business. We therefore spare nothing in our efforts to get you comfortable with your financial model.