Enhance your entrepreneurial leadership

We want to inspire you and deliver learning on how to become the entrepreneurial leader your business needs allowing you to move forward with your plans with greater confidence and success.

Growing your business is demanding, challenging and often not a guaranteed success. Only few will succeed in this journey and become sustainable and successful businesses.  Obstacles will be inevitable and often we will find ourselves struggle to overcome them. It will be hard, by definition, but expect the unexpected. Not preparing to be prepared can become the biggest vulnerability of your business. We will help you to better prepare for hurdles that might arise along the way.

Depending on the needs of your startup, our leadership model includes:


As your venture grows from an early stage startup into a formalised organisation leadership needs will grow the complexities of the organisation. Where you initially had quick face-to-face interactions with your team, communication will become challenging and demanding.

We will be looking at key leadership traits and how they change as the business and organisation grows. This would for example touch on:

As a startup leader, your goal is to manifest an idea into reality. By following regimented patterns for yourself and for your team members, you will collectively be able to reach that potential a bit more easily.

We are here to help you on that journey – and so is our network of alumni and business leaders.