“Failing to plan is planning to fail!” The number one reason for entrepreneurs failing in Africa (and the rest of the world), is neatly captured in this cliché. On the other hand, there is no reason to sit down and write scores of pages organized according to your professor’s imagination of what a business plan should contain.

At GrowthAfrica we have developed a fresh and intuitive way of planning for your business. Through a total of 20+ workshop-days and in-company support between workshops, we ensure that you are introduced to our proprietary tools, and given the necessary support to analyse your business, its reality and the obstacles to growth you are faced with; craft strategies and plans that can help you overcome these obstacles; and subsequently aid you in the execution of these strategies and plans. Further our tools assist you in capturing the learning of this process and iterate, slowly refining your strategies and your overall business model into perfection.

Our action-oriented and practical tools designed to the highest pedagogical standards enable you to understand all areas of your business, their interdependence and significance in regards to your external realities; but they also make it easy to co-develop and share this with your team, your mentors and advisers; and even potential investors.

Through our engagement we have gained a thorough understanding of our business model as well as the context within which it operated. I commend the team for their strong committed effort and passion. Stefano Carcoforo, Founder & Managing Director at iProcure.


During workshops our seasoned facilitators, experienced entrepreneurs themselves, will help you understand the GrowthAfrica tools, and together with your peers and your assigned Growth Catalyst the process of understanding, analyzing and questioning your business, its internal and external reality, the overall model and specific strategies, starts! Workshops culminate with several action points that you and your team need to execute on before the subsequent workshop with the assistance of your assigned Growth Catalyst, your mentor and other sages and experts necessary and relevant for the specific task at hand.

The increased and profound understanding of your business is – in our experience – likely persuade you to make radical changes and improvements to your business model. So not only do you come out of the 6-month GrowthAfrica programme with an in-depth understanding of business in general, but an improved and strengthened business model: an investable business! Some of our past entrepreneurs have completely abandoned their outdated or inadequate business models and thus seen immediate and significant success, not least in terms of attracting investors.