What we offer

We are backed with an experience of over 20 years;
understanding the behaviours, patterns, and trends
of the African Innovation ecosystem.

Business planning and development

Get the tools and skills needed to analyse your business, its reality and the growth obstacles you face. We deliver the tools and resources to overcome them.

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Peer and industry network

Connect with peers and people in your value chain; network with industry experts. We invite you to join one of the strongest resource network in Africa.

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Tap in to a vast pool of experience and expertise. Learn from and spare with the continent’s top business executives, entrepreneurs and investment professionals.

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Investment readiness

Connecting with the right investor at the right time is crucial for success, as is learning how to communicate effectively with investors. We help you with both.

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Financial modelling

Translating your business model into a financial model increases your likelihood of making wise strategic choices; and your chances of financial success.

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Leadership coaching

Developing and running great companies requires great leadership. We inspire and give you practical tools and resources for leading your business to success.

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Results delivered

Entrepreneurs are at the centre of our attention and focus.
The success of the entrepreneurs we work with
is the best showcase of what we do and are
achieving with and for our ventures.
We deliver business growth that turns
entrepreneurial ventures into successful,
profitable companies. The aim is to create jobs
and economic progress.

Ventures assisted Accelerated, equipped and supported on their growth journey
Money raised Funding raised in investments and grants to our startups
Jobs created Direct and formal jobs created. Derived jobs are 5 times more

Our ventures & entrepreneurs

Meet the entrepreneurs and ventures we have worked with.
Get to know the resourceful network of alumnis that you could join.

The GrowthAfrica team provided hands-on support and worked with us through our business and strategy whilst connecting us with investors when the time was right and our business was ready.

Cathrine Mahugu Co-founder, Soko

GrowthAfrica is a friend and supporter of entrepreneurs and startups.They are passionate about making a difference and seeing the businesses they work with grow and succeed.

Henry M. Ambwere Founder & CEO, MolaPlus

Through our engagement we have gained a thorough understanding of our business model as well as the context within it operated. I commend the team for their strong committed effort and passion

Stefano Carcoforo Founder & Managing Director, iProcure

GrowthAfrica has created an environment
that promotes continuous learning for
entrepreneurs and is a great partner and
mentor to our business in areas such as
fund raising and sourcing for talent

Ernest Makhotsi Founder, Wayo

GrowthAfrica helped us redefine our
value proposition and this has greatly
improved our interaction with our
customers and consequently our sales.
We were equipped with the tools necessary
to keep track of our business progress
from there make the right business decisions

Robert Kariuki Founder, Essentia Kanan

GrowthAfrica made our transition into
understanding investor requirements
painless and enjoyable. They guided us on
how to sculpt our business and scale it
in the green disruptive innovations space
with a clear lens on how to make it

Tony Nyagah Co-Founder & MD, Strauss Energy

Before joining the GrowthAfrica Acceleration programme, I talked to several investors with no success and I was frustrated. This Programme made me see my business inside out and now I understand why investors were not interested.

Henok Abera Founder, Wow Peanut butter, Ethiopia

They have made my first experience with an investment firm, seamless and successful. This deal was timely since we were looking to grow but struggled in accessing funds. They supported us in negotiations to ensure it was a good deal for us.

Valerie Muigai Founder, Kijani Baby Uganda

We were encouraged to look deeply within the business. We have now successfully managed to fully communicate to the team where we are heading as a business and how we shall achieve it. Our vision has also been incorporated into our daily activities.

Tolera Shula Co-founder, Elelan Leather

The GrowthAfrica team has been "a shoulder to lean on" through my entrepreneurial journey.
I learnt a lot in the customer journey and today I know how to segment every customer coming through our doors.

Betty Bukirwa Managing Director, St.Eliza healthcare

I joined the programme because I wanted to scale and I particularly enjoyed the customer journey workshop. It helped me accurately define who my mobile app was targeting. With this understanding, I pitched to my board and they approved it.

Manuela Pacutho Founder, The Cradle

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Eager supporters of African ventures and entrepreneurs. They support
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