Are you a victor or a victim?

Many entrepreneurs, when they start, always have it in their mind that when they experience rejection, they will be able to take it in, like the strong people they are. But when it happens, the actual reality hits, and it hits different. Whether a tiny rejection or a major bump in the road, it’s very easy to get lost in the overwhelming feeling of loss. One rejection can easily lead to days or weeks of a new entrepreneur ignoring business tasks while binge-watching their favourite Netflix/Showmax series.  

When you want to accomplish your goals as an entrepreneur, keep in mind that rejections will be part of your journey. No matter how small or big they are. If you do not get rejections, kindly call yourself to a meeting and ask yourself, am I taking big enough steps? Why am I getting it so easy?   

Growth happens when you step outside of your comfort zone to do the things that scare you. In that place, rejection is possible. Here are four things to do when you experience rejection.  

Take a moment to scream  

As an entrepreneur, you must never forget that you are human before everything else. You can try bottling all those feelings and emotions inside but good luck with that kind of strategy. If we are honest with ourselves, at some point, you’ll explode, probably in a situation you might regret. Bring out the humanity in you. Scream, go for a run or a walk just for fresh air.  

Talk out loud even if you’re alone, and acknowledge what’s on your mind. Talk to your significant other or a friend. Bring it up to your mastermind meeting. The point is, to heal, you must first acknowledge. You can’t fix a problem that you won’t admit exists.  

Take time and evaluate  

Rejection allows us to ensure what we’re doing is right for us. Evaluate why the rejection came. Determine if this is something you want to do but need a better approach.  

If you need more expertise: Get it. If this is a warning message telling you that what you’re pursuing is not what’s best, listen. After processing your feelings and emotions, get tactical by examining what happened. 

Rejection can be a bump in the road or worse. What happens next is your choice. We fully endorse that you learn and come back even stronger but not overly dwell on it.  

Identify what’s next 

Your next steps after a rejection must be strategic and very tactical. Once you have evaluated the reason for rejection, take the time to plan out what to do next. If it’s getting more expertise, be specific about how to do that and attach a timeline. If it’s creating a different approach to go after the same opportunity, take some time to examine what others before you have done that helped them achieve success.     

Make each rejection your motivation  

Rome was not built in a day. The same adage will apply to your business. There will be more than a few times when you’re just not feeling it. You’ll need to be inspired and motivated to keep going when it feels like nothing is going right. A mindset shift can give you the fuel you need consistently to get motivated. Use each rejection as fire to light you up and inspire you.  

In conclusion, do not fear rejection. It is part of life that you cannot avoid. How you handle it will either help propel or kill your business.