The GrowthHub is running a 3 day ideation workshop to give life to new ideas that offer solutions to some of the biggest agricultural challenges Kenya faces.

The workshop will be run by the GrowthHub from the 29th to 31st October 2013. During these three days, we will bring together experts, mentors and speakers from the agricultural industry to assist you to cultivate your idea.

Participants will form groups based on the similarity of their ideas and see how best they can develop one concrete and most viable idea.

After the workshop 6 of the best ideas will be selected, these finalists will be admitted into our ImpactLab where we will provide them with the necessary resources to develop the idea into a business.

Who are suitable?
Agri-entrepreneurs who already have an idea but have not validated it just yet – although they would like to. The ideas MUST use innovative technologies, solutions or approaches to address pressing issues such as market access problems faced by farmers; soil fertility improvement, improvement/provision of food security and nutrition, irrigation technologies, improved services and products for farmers, or agro-processing business. Kindly note that we are not targeting businesses engaging in primary farming or animal husbandry, and your idea doesn’t have to be fixed on farming based agriculture; it can also address other areas, for example, alternative energy.

Do you have an agritech that can help farmers and the agricultural sector deal with some of the problems that hinder them from achieving great results? You don’t have to be a farmer to attend this workshop, you just need to be creative and have an entrepreneurial drive in you.

Sing up by submitting your agritech idea to us on:

By Mutave Mutemi