Africa’s leading accelerator first to include an entrepreneur representative on its supervisory board

GrowthAfrica shows its commitment towards making stakeholders the heart of the organisation by having an entrepreneur representative as part of its Supervisory Board which also includes an employee representative, unique to growth-focused and inclusive organisations.

GrowthAfrica’s upholds its commitment to change which continues to see developments in all operational areas of the organisation for sustained, continuous improvement of internal and external stakeholder satisfaction. There has been dedication in working on these commitments progressively to accommodate industry changes and innovation in the development industry that GrowthAfrica operates in.

The biggest commitment yet has been made a reality as GrowthAfrica’s governance was officiated through the formation of a Supervisory Board which serves as the organisation’s main governing body. The supervisory board is ultimately accountable and responsible for the group’s performance and affairs.

The balance of stakeholders who form the supervisory board is dedicated to ensuring that GrowthAfrica delivers value to all our stakeholders responsibly, consistently and sustainably.

Johnni Kjelsgaard,



The board is also responsible for:

  1. Strategy development and supervising its implementation with an emphasis on monitoring spending vs impact
  2. Monitoring quality of services to entrepreneurs and investors
  3. Informing GrowthAfrica on how to better serve entrepreneurs and to positively contribute to the entire ecosystem
  4. Overseeing GrowthAfrica’s continent-wide expansion
  5. Ensuring GrowthAfrica remains a top employer and a model workplace

The supervisory board’s inaugural meeting was held on the 6th of May 2019, with board members carefully picked to complement GrowthAfrica’s vision and mission. The board composition is defined and governed by the governance charter which articulates a unified governance structure and lays forth the authorities and responsibilities of the supervisory board.

Integral to the board is the stakeholders, who have a voice through the entrepreneur and employee representatives, as well as valued external professionals with diverse industry and organisational management experience serving as independent directors. Currently 4 and 2 more expected to join the board later this year. The board members are a great addition to our diversity, equity, and values.

The board is constituted of the following 9 key positions:

  1. Independent directors (up to 6)
  2. Entrepreneur representative
  3. Employee representative
  4. Chief Executive Office
GrowthAfrica’s supervisory board. Inaugural board meeting group photo

GrowthAfrica’s supervisory board. Inaugural board meeting group photo

“Making good on these commitments and pushing the organisation to meet set objectives calls for a well-represented and inclusive board, which is top priority. Having an entrepreneur and employee representative will ensure these integral voices are heard and have the forefront chance to contribute to GrowthAfrica’s growth. A unique standing taken to ensure commitments towards all stakeholders are fulfilled”

Dr. Niels Arnfred,

Board Chairman,


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