African research and innovation for sustainable growth

African research and innovation with BioInnovate Africa

Excitement abounds as we explore the vast opportunities research presents for innovation and growth within our local businesses and industries. This interview with Julius Ecuru from our partners icipe/BioInnovate Africa highlights some of the exciting opportunities for African research and innovation for sustainable growth.

GrowthAfrica wants as with its longstanding collaboration with icipe/BioInnovate Africa to contribute to bridging the gap between African research and industry, transforming research into demand-driven solutions that not only meet business needs but also serve the greater good by creating employment and income opportunities across Africa.​

There is a need to showcase the incredible talent within our research institutions and universities, integrating them as key contributors to business growth through novel products and services derived from homegrown research.​

Breaking down silos for collaborative success​

Understanding the importance of addressing local needs within their specific contexts, we recognise our role in co-facilitating this journey. The aim is to dismantle the traditional barriers between business and research sectors, fostering a collaboration that has been all too rare due to differing languages and historical perspectives. Through strategic nudging, facilitation, and convening, we’re committed to making these vital connections flourish.​

In partnership with icipe/BioInnovate Africa, we’re embarking on an exciting venture in East Africa to not only introduce market-viable solutions but also to reinforce the strength of our research institutions by bringing their work into the public sphere through business collaborations. This effort will redefine how our businesses leverage research and innovation.​

Cultivating local innovations for global impact​

We envision a future where new products and services emerge from within our continent, fostering collaborations across African organisations and institutions. This vision extends to partnerships beyond our borders, ensuring that African research and innovation not only meet local market demands but also resonate on a global scale.​

Together with icipe/BioInnovate Africa, we’re eager to contribute to this transformative journey. By aligning research with market needs, we’re paving the way for a demand-driven research ecosystem that thrives and blossoms in the African context.​

Join us in this exciting endeavor as we work towards a future where African innovation leads the way in addressing both local and global challenges.​