Letting the results speak

From the founding of GrowthAfrica in 2002 we have tiredlessly worked on identying, quantifying and qualifuing business opportunities in East Africa and match them with the right local and international partners which could seize their potential.

Numbers illustrating our results

At the core of our business and market advisory services have always been international and East African SMEs and entrepreneurs viewing partnerships as the right tool to expand their business.

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Case studies

We are client and opportunity centred and delivery focused. Our African market
anchoring provides you with the hands-on expertise and insights needed.

Danish interior design business' first Sub-Saharan market

Assisting the leading Danish furniture brand BoConcept establish their first franchiseship in Sub-Saharan Africa including South Africa.

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Finpro: Kenyan ICT, financial services and cyber security study

Mapping opportunities for Finnish companies in three industries aimed at qualifying areas with potential and identifying Kenyan partners.

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Feedco (Ethiopia): Facilitation of Danish animal feed partner

Identifying and engaging with leading Danish animal feed producers to establish a joint venture with the Ethiopian company Feedco.

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What impact excites you?

We continuously seek to build and develop relations with investors locally and internationally who could be interested in supporting impactful African entrepreneurs and post-revenue ventures. We are very interested in talking to you about how our work and network could be and become valuable to you.

Ian Lorenzen Executive Director & Partner Skype: ian_lorenzen ilo@growthafrica.com