Establishing and growing your African business

We understand Western and African business culture and are experts in matchmaking and supporting businesses in their African expansion.

We often hear of the country “Africa” that uniformly describes the opportunities of 54 African nations and about 1.1 billion people.

Africa is 54 diverse markets each with their unique business cultures and drivers. Even in comparatively market-integrated regions such as East Africa the differences are considerable.

Whether your business already has activities or offices in Africa or you now wish to explore Africa´s vast opportunities: Local market insights and network are key. We are here to assist with the strategic and hands-on resources required to explore and subsequently seize the opportunities.

Our team has since 2002 worked with more than 100 international companies helping them quantify, qualify and act on the opportunities that East Africa held for their business. Through our network of infield partners we are able to assist you across East Africa and connect you to consulting partners across Africa´s business hubs.

Business delivered

We inhale business and experience Africa´s opportunities every day wherever we go. Our infield, multinational team is ready to advise and execute the activities that deliver African business success.

We have a broad East African network of experts and resources available when and where you need it.

Companies assisted Market data, partner identification and matchmaking delivered
B2B partnerships Partnerships between international and East African companies
Funding raised in USD Financial support facilitated for business development in Africa

We offer you

Resources which only come from working and living for many years in the markets of your interest.

Market data and insights

African markets have their own dynamics, which emphasise the need for market insights for the right decision-making. We deliver the data and insights - and expert access. Our services are designed to meet your needs for data on the market, competitors, customers and partners.

Expert and resource network

Business in Africa is very relational and built on trusted networks. We can quickly identify and connect you to the organisations and individuals who are relevant to you and your business. Cultural and hierarchical challenges are overcome as personalised introductions are made.

Partner and distributor identification

The difference between "a" partner and the right one is what can make or break your African business. It is extremely difficult from the distance to identify, assess and select the right partner. We have the experience and can quickly connect you with a qualified pool of local partners.

Market strategy

Where do you start and how do you get started - with or without a local partner? What clients should you focus on and are there possibly some low hanging fruit that we could connect you to? We can from inhouse resources and external network assemble the right advisory team.

Product/service innovation

More often than not products and services designed for western markets need local redesign - or you may benefit from a fresh innovate look departing from the local context and market reality. We can assist you with the insigths, innovative ideas and the experts.

Partnerships & matchmaking

Finding the right African business partner and then navigating the cultural and business differences can be quite a challenge. Years of experience facilitating and supporting business partnerships across nationalities has given us the expertise and network to assist you.