Matching your growth needs

We deliver the resources needed to grow your business: Advice, matchmaking with international partners, access to markets and investments.

You want to expand your company, to grow its market reach and business capabilities. We have since 2002 worked with more than 2,000 East African companies assisting them with the knowhow and resources required to accelerate their business growth.

Our team combines local market insights and expertise with international network and a proven ability to mobilize partners and access to investors. We understand your reality and challenges. We work closely with you to identify and match your growth needs with the network and resources that will see your business grow successful in and across Africa.

Unlocking and accessing investments or funding is a key challenge in most markets. We bring you more than 14 years of experience in the field. Strategic advice and business plan development or enhancement are typically other areas that needs special attention and where we can help.

Business delivered

We are anchored in East Africa and with our wide international network we are able and ready to connect you to the right resources and people across Africa and beyond.

Whether you are looking for (technology) partners, business development and strategy or access to investments then we are ready to assist.

East African companies assisted Through connections to capital and growth services
Partnerships with international companies B2B collaborations facilitated with international firms
Funding raised in USD Financial support facilitated for business development in Africa

We offer your business

International experience, network and entrepreneurial business expertise coming together.

Business development & strategy

Access to investments

Partnerships & matchmaking

Finding the right African business partner and then navigating the cultural and business differences can be quite a challenge. Years of experience facilitating and supporting business partnerships across nationalities have given us the expertise and network to assist you.